December Favourites

So that’s it, December is over. Christmas is over. Now to get rid of this food baby that seems to have grown…

What a month. It has gone past in one shake of a Christmas bell. The months are just going past too quickly at the moment which is sad because I feel as though I no longer have time to do what I actually want to do. I have literally spent the last month drowning in my own coursework and it is going to take me a while to get on top of it but I am determined to get it all done on time.

The month isn’t quite over because my next post shall be a 2016 favourites as this is just this months favourites. I’m excited to spend the end the year spending time with family and friends and I have no idea how I’m starting the year because I don’t yet have any plans for New Years Eve yet…

This month has actually been really good, I don’t remember what I’ve done because it’s gone so fast but it has definitely been less of a rollercoaster which is great. I had such a great Christmas and I’m super excited for the new year because I feel as though it shall be an amazing year. I’ve been on my winter college holiday for just over a week and I have way over a week to go and it has been so unbelievably productive (well not the last few days) and I’ve finally got into a good routine of getting up before 8 every morning!

This month I have become so much more confident in myself without even realising it. I’m wearing outfits that I wouldn’t normally wear and some very bold make up that features a lot of glitter because that seems to have become my new thing. I love wearing what I actually want to wear and being more unique even though I do get some weird stares.

Anyway here is all the things that I have been loving this month:


Number one is the most festive lipstick ever that I shall continue to wear all year round. I featured this a few posts ago in my Christmas party make up and it from Collection and is 1 Queen Of Hearts. I could rant about this lipstick for a very long time because I love it, the colour is just gorgeous and it is so unbelievably long lasting as it is in their Lasting Colour lipsticks. You can eat an apple and this will stay put. However it’s quite old so they don’t sell it anymore but looking on their website they do ones in very similar shades.


Next we have another lipstick but this one is a lot more expensive than the last one and was actually a birthday present from a friend of mine. I don’t actually by MAC Β products as I don’t really agree with the fact that they test on animals but I use this because it’s gorgeous and I Β have it so the damage has been done. It’s in the shade Diva and is just such a pretty deep red, great for the festive season. Unfortunately it is not as long lasting as the Collection one but I still love it.


I love me a good eyeshadow palette and I own a lot. I also have quite a few W7 ones for some reason but they’re super affordable and are such good eyeshadows. This one is called In The Nude: Natural Nudes even though they’re not really nude shades, more pink. As you can see I have not used all of them because there is a lot but I am loving using the matte pink shades and doing a smokey eye. I am just very into pink eyeshadows at the moment for some reason.


My final make up product I’ve been loving was also featured in my Christmas make up look post and this is just my all time favourite eyeshadow. Ever. It’s from Models Own and is a loose powder and is called Copper and I love gold/copper colours because they really make blue eye pop (not literally, of course). This has such amazing pigment and blends like a dream so I love pairing it with a darker copper shade. It’s super glittery which I love because glitter is my new favourite thing ever.


As you can quite clearly see this is empty. I bought like a year ago and it’s amazing. If you are looking for a super affordable perfume then get your butt straight to New Look. It is a sweet floral scent (I can’t describe scents for my life) and I love this bottle because it is the perfect size to put into your handbag, school bag, whatever bag so you can quickly spritz it if you think you smell. I also have another one but I don’t remember the name of that. They also do it in larger bottles. This is one of those scents that stays on you for a VERY long time unlike all of the other perfumes that I have ever owned and I have had compliments on it before.


Second to last is this Β bath bomb. If you are a Lush fanatic then you will have used this before because they stock it all year round and I shall be doing a post on it in the new year because you liked the one I did before. Therefore I shan’t say much just that I love this (hence why it’s in my favourites) and stay tuned for the post in the new year.


Last but not least is an item of clothing which I don’t normally feature but I am just obsessed with this jumper that I got just before Christmas. It was in the sale in H&M for only Β£5 because people are obviously not a fan of mustard yellow, but I am. It’s knitted but is quite thin so you would need a vest or top underneath it and is very slightly cropped. This would look adorable with a pair of dungarees or some high waisted jeans. So basically anything and everything.


What have you been loving this month?

Also I would love to do a Q&A in the new year so send me your questions!




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