2016 Favourites!

If I could define 2016 in one word: CRAZY.

Let me give you a quick run down of my year:
So from January to June I was doing my GCSEs. This was so unbelievably stressful and my stress levels were literally through the roof. I spent every hour of every day revising which is not healthy so I would not recommend you do that, and honestly I rarely left the house and I don’t think it was worth it. At the time I thought it was but now I’m in college I think differently. However I am super happy with all of my results!
Then in July and August I was on my summer holiday which was the least productive two months of my life. The only thing I did was start my blog (best decision of my life) and watch a hell of a lot of Friends.
Then in September I moved and started over in a new place with new friends. It’s a completely different life and I have changed but for the better I think. I’m not quite as lazy as I used to be, I’ve actually started running and I’m doing really well at college and I have a job.

To sum up, 2016 was awful for the first 6 months and then it actually got better.

I’ve been blogging for 6 months now and the response has been immense. I thought that I would have very few followers and views in this time but they are extraordinary and you guys have been loving it from the start. This really means a lot to me so THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart. I hope that you continue to love it in many months to come!

To end the year I thought that I would sum up all of my favourites for you with some make up, beauty and TV etc. Warning you now that this shall be a long post… But enjoy!

Make up:


This was hard to narrow down but I’ve selected something from each “category” as it were.

Foundation: Rimmel London, Wake Me Up
I have had this nearly a year and still hasn’t run out. Probably because I didn’t wear it throughout the summer… Anyway this is amazing, it’s the right colour for me and it lasts a really long time throughout the day even though I do have very oily skin. It also brightens my skin like it says it does and it is definitely a full coverage but it doesn’t feel heavy on my face.

Concealer: Collection, Lasting Perfection
This is everybody’s favourite. I didn’t really like it at first but then I started using a light coverage one and then went back to this because I missed it. It’s full coverage which I need for my huge under eye shopping bags and just works wonders.

(I don’t have a favourite powder or bronzer)

Single eye shadow: Models Own, Loose Powder in Copper
I love me a coppery eye shadow that makes my blue eyes pop and this is just perfect. It’s very pigmented and just looks amazing because it is so shimmery. This looks good on it’s own as well as over the top of another one and it lasts ages because I have used it a lot and there is so much left.

Eyeliner: Soap & Glory, Supercat Eyeliner Pen
Oh ma lord, this is just the best thing I have ever bought. Again I got this a year ago and have used it nearly daily since September and it is STILL going strong. I have started doing a winged eyeliner everyday and this is so helpful and makes life so much easier in getting the perfect flick and the perfect angle. If you like winged eyeliner then you need this!

Mascara: Rimmel London, Scandal Eyes Retro Glam
This was hard to choose because I love my Bourjois one but I have been using this all year as opposed to a few months so I went with this. Even though I have had this longer than I care to say it hasn’t dried up at all and still works its wonders. It is starting to run out a bit but still provides both volume and length which is what I look for in a mascara. I’m not sure if they sell this anymore because it is very old.

Highlighter: Make Up Revolution, Vivid Baked Highlighter
This is the most gorgeous and most pigmented and blendable highlighter I have ever purchased! It is also the only one I have ever purchased so I have nothing to compare it to… I have had so many compliments on this because it just looks that good, especially in pictures. The only fault I have with this is the packaging because the lid broke off and I had no way or repairing it. It is going to last me years.

Lipstick: Smashbox, Vivid Voilet
This is probably the most expensive make up product I have ever bought and even then it was on sale. I love lipstick and this is a gorgeous shade of purple/pink that lasts quite long but I normally have to reapply half way through the day. But it is just such a gorgeous colour!!!


Eye shadow palette: Makeup Revolution, Fortune Favours The Brave
JUST LOOK AT HOW BEAUTIFUL THIS IS! I have featured this so many times on this blog because I love it so much. It has every shade you could possibly want and as you can see I rarely use the shades on the right hand side of the palette but the ones on the left are well used. They are highly pigmented and blend so easily. I may have only had this six months but I use it almost everyday and I shall be buying more of their eye shadow palettes in the new year (probably)




Make up brushes: Real Techniques, eye shadow ones
This was the best purchase ever! I don’t even know how I did my eye shadow before I bought these because they are amazing. It makes blending so much easier and my eyebrows look even more on fleek thanks to these. Even though they are expensive they are amazing. If any could recommend any other of their brushes that are really good then that would be great cause I need some face brushes but I don’t know which one are good for what.




Skincare brand: Simple
I love Simple Skincare it is just amazing because I do have sensitive skin and this has just been a life saver. Throughout the year I have been using this moisturiser which is basically empty, the cleansing lotion and the facial wash. I sometimes use the eye make up remover but only when I have used glitter (which lets be real is a lot). Would highly recommend this to anyone who has sensitive skin.

Scent/perfume: Zoella Beauty, Blissful Mistful
This is super old and has basically run out but this year I have been really into wearing perfume and body mists cause I wanna smell good! I have basically used this everyday for the last few months because it has such a nice fresh scent. I may purchase some of her other ones cause the packaging is adorable.

Nail polish: Anything purple and anything from Rimmel London
I am in love with Rimmel nail polishes. I only have a small collection of them but they are just amazing and I love them so much, they last a really long time unlike loads of other ones that I have tried out before and they are really affordable. Furthermore for some reason I just love to wear anything lilac coloured on my nails. I have no idea why because I never wear purple, only on my nail and my lips (but that’s a different shade of purple).


Other random things:


App: Instagram!!!!
Excuse the fact that this was screenshotted off my phone but this is my Instagram best nine that only seems to feature pictures of myself and I should point out that my feed is not just pictures of me. If you aren’t following me then you should because I very frequently post things I’ve been up to or other random things that I think are funny but probably aren’t. Also I can’t actually believe that I got over 3 thousand like this year, that is amazing! I spend way too long scrolling through, it’s so addictive!

TV show: Pretty Little Liars and FRIENDS (I can’t choose)
I watched all of PLL this year and it is just my favourite thing in the whole entire world and I can’t wait until next April to find out what happens to them all. It’s so addictive and all of the girls are all stunning and I’m jealous and I really want Aria’s wardrobe!
I have also said Friends because it’s still the best thing ever and I have rewatched all 10 seasons about 2 times this year. I know, it’s sad I have no life. I am addicted to it because it never gets old and I love all of the characters equally and yeah. You can’t not like Friends!

Food: Chocolate brownies
I don’t have much to say except these are the best things in the world and just thinking about them makes me crave them.

Book: I can’t choose
I’ve done 2 book clubs this year so check them out under the “book review” category on this blog so you can see what books I have read and what books I have loved. It is literally impossible for me to chose a favourite book.

Film: All three High School Musical
If you don’t like it then leave. It’s the best thing ever and even though I am nearly 17 I still watch it and I still love it and I still sing along to all the songs cause I know all the words and I still have a crush on Zac Efron (not even gonna deny it). It’s just fabulous.

Song/Album: Again can’t choose
This is even more impossible than books because I listen to music everyday. If you want to see what I listen to then you should follow me on Spotify and I follow you back and be nosey. My username is “randomindi”!
One of my favourite songs of all time is Can’t Hold Us by Macklemore and I know the whole rap *insert sassy lady emoji*



What have you been loving this year? I would really love to know!






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