New Year, New Stuff

Boxing day and New Year sales are great because you can go out and get loads of things and not feel guilty as you actually have the money for them (because it was just Christmas)

I basically only got money for Christmas and I have put away most of it but I still wanted to treat myself to new stuff that I most likely don’t need but I bought anyway. I’m sure that loads of you guys out there can relate to this!

So all of this stuff is the result of three shopping trips: one with my Mum, one with my friends and then one by myself cause I didn’t have college and I was bored. When it comes to shopping I am actually quite good and only buy things that I know I will get a lot of use out of and I have the will power to say no to something even if it’s the most adorable things ever.

I am going to organise this post by shop because that’s easier and some of this stuff wasn’t on sale but I got it anyway. There were some great sales this year and I resisted buying SO much stuff for which I am very proud.



  • I can’t even describe how gorgeous this white floaty boho style top is. It was only £7 and it’s a funny story cause I was with my friend and I showed her cause I wanted it but wasn’t sure so needed another opinion. Anyway she fell in love with it and also bought one for herself, so now we have matching tops. Anyway it’s a bit big (size 12) but I still love it and can’t wait for it to warm up so I can wear it.
  • This was only £3 and is a navy blue and white striped top and this is probably my third navy striped top… can you really have too many though? It’s kinda cropped and will just look cute with anything, I also love the sleeves cause they’re slightly longer than a regular short sleeve.



  • This is the Maybelline Dream Velvet foundation that I believe is new and I needed a new foundation and thought I would try something different than a Rimmel one (my go to foundations). It was £7.99 which is kinda expensive for this small bottle in my opinion. Anyway I shall try it out and maybe do a review of it?? (let me know)
  • The first thing from Superdrugs own brand of skincare stuff is this exfoliating scrub that looked interesting and was in the 2 for £5. I like Superdrugs own brand because they don’t test on animals and they are cheaper than Boots.
  • Next on the 2 for £5 is some nose strips because honestly my skin is gross and this year I really want to make an effort to make it better. I have never used nose strips before but I’m interested to see if these will work.
  • Then for £1 was this mud mask. I have only use a face mask once (I know it’s unbelievable) and this was inexpensive and sounded good. I really want to have pamper evenings every once in a while to relax so I thought that this would be perfect.
  • Finally is another face mask but from Simple which (if you read my 2016 favourites) is my favourite skincare brand. I didn’t even know they did this but it looked interesting and nearly all their products were half price so this was £2. I had to stop myself from buying everything because it on sale!




  • I seem to accumalate fashion magazines and it takes me ages to read them but I still decided to get 2 more. Firstly for £1 I had to get Glamour which used to be my favourite magazine a couple of years ago.
  • Next is Elle which I think is probably my current favourite fashion magazine. I try and buy a different magazine every month but I always find myself reaching for this. It’s a bit more expensive at £4.10 but I just LOVE IT!


The Works


  • This is extremely boring but I needed a small lined notepad to write down blogging ideas and stuff and this means I can take it around with me as it’s small. And it was only £1
  • Finally is a A5 sketchbook (also for £1) because I want to pursue my dreams of being a fashion designer by actually designing and making my own clothes. So now this is in typing I actually need to do it!




  • You may not have heard of this shop but basically it’s a show shop that sell shoes from brands that you most likely haven’t heard of and most of their shoes are cheap in comparison to other brands. These brown heeled ankle boots were in the sale for £10 (!!!!) from £20 and the brand is called Graceland which I have honestly never heard of. But they’re so cute and make me feel taller because I am quite short and I needed a new pair of shoes. I’m not expecting these to last me very long.


Charity shops

  • If you’ve been reading my blog a while then you will know how much I love charity shops. I managed to get a perfectly good condition parka coat from Topshop FOR £6.50! How good is that! I got it to replace my New Look one which is falling apart but it’s warm and cosy and I love it.
  • Next I got some books. First is this In Style books about the New Secrets of Style that looked like an interesting read and was only £1.
  • The next one is called People Of The 21st Century and is literally a huge book filled with photos of people and what they’re wearing. As simple as that. I thought it might be quite inspiring to read from both a fashion and photography point of view. This was 50p
  • Next is boring because it’s a Theory Test book because I am planning on learning to drive this year (I turn 17 in March) so I thought this would be useful to prepare myself and was only 50p
  • Finally is a fashion related book called Adventures in Pop and Rock Fashion which isn’t necessarily my style but for 50p I had to pick it up. It will probably be very inspiring for textiles projects in the future.


I also just want to thank you all so much for 250 followers! I am speechless, THANK YOU!


What pointless (or useful) purchases have you made this new year?
Also if you want me to review any of these products then just let me know!




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