Fashion Trends for 2017

It’s the new year which means that it’s time to leave trends behind in 2016 and discover new ones.

*Disclaimer: None of these images are NOT mine, they are from*

So 2016 was all about the 90s and it’s only in the last few months that I have really discovered my love of all things 90s. But it’s a new year which means new trends and according to Vogue this year shall be all about the 80s with bright clashing colours and fish net tights. We’ve already had hints of the era coming back with scrunchies that were all the rage a few years ago and jelly shoes (which I never got).


I don’t dislike 80s clothing but I much prefer 90s and shall continue to wear it throughout the year unless I suddenly fall in love with the 80s which could happen. I’m loving all the bright colours because it makes a change from black which, lets be real here, dominates everyone’s wardrobe.

Another big thing in the 80s was huge earrings and I have been rocking them for quite a while now, so I’m ahead of the game.


Bralettes were a thing last year and I reckon they shall be everywhere this summer becasue it is obviously too cold to wear them right now. They literally go with anything and everything and in so many styles and colours. The options are endless.

If I could pull them off then I totally would but I want to be more confident this year so may get a cute one for the summer, depending on the weather which sucks here in England.


Kitten heels were around in the 80s and the 90s so they are just one item of clothing that people are bringing back from the past.There are so many different styles and can be worn all year round as they can sandals (perfect for the summer) or boots (perfect for Autumn) and they feature a low heel which makes them easier to walk in than other heels. Gonna be honest, I could not pull them off and I choose not to wear heels anyway but they are adorable and I’m sure they’ll be everywhere this year.

I actually saw a denim pair in the charity shop the other day so whoever is got rid of those is gonna regret that decision.


The classic floral print has had a bit of a break but is back. However it’s kinda different to your usual bright coloured one in that it has come straight from your Grandparents curtains (not saying that it’s a bad thing). The more old fashioned it looks the better.

I actually really like it because Β lot of clothing is plain and monochrome with slogans on so this jazzes things up a bit.


So this one is very surprising because as I literally just said everyone just wears monochrome black and white and I am included in that. But this is very different though because you very rarely see people wearing yellow nowadays.

Certain shades of yellow look better on certain people for example because I am fair skinned, mustard looks good but a really pastel yellow would not.

This makes a change from last year because everything was all about pastel coloured clothing and hair but now everything is all about bright clashing colours. This sums up the 80s well. There seems to be a particular spotlight on the colour Fuschia which I wore all all the time when I was a child and brings back some very odd memories of my ridiculous fashion sense as a child.

Basically the more the colours clash and the brighter they are the better.


This carries on from last year because everyone seems to be wearing sports stuff even when they don’t do any sports. Brands like Nike and Adidas are booming with people wearing things like trainers in a casual way as opposed to wearing them out running or something. At college I see people in sweatpants, hoodies, trainers all the time and they’re wearing it in a casual outfit.

I personally don’t like wearing stuff like this but some people can really pull it off.


I have seen mini bags around a lot Β and I quite like them because it then it forces you to carry around less stuff which would be useful because I have a tendency to carry around way to much unnecessary stuff.

They are also being paired with thick straps, the sort you would see on a guitar or something. It really accentuates the smallness of the bag. Like with everything these come with so many styles and colours that you will always find something that you love. I personally love the mini rucksacks.

And last but not least is the ruffles and tulle. Again this is something kinda old fashioned but can look super cute in a skirt or a dress. So put on a cute skirt and pretend that you’re a ballerina. This reminds me of when I did ballet and panto when I was younger .

You can very easily dress this look down by wearing a baggy top tucked into a skirt with a pair of baseball boots and I really want to get one now!


Even though this was something different I hope that you liked it and I am really planning Β on doing more things like this.


What trends will you be wearing this year?




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