Simple Striped Tee

Everybody has those tops that they wear way too much because they’re comfortable and they go with absolutely everything. Or is it just me?

I’m sure I’m not the only one.

For me it is a long sleeved white and blue striped top that I actually picked up in the charity shop for like 3 pounds. It is originally from Next and is honestly the softest, most comfortable thing EVER.

The most great thing about having an item of clothing like this in your wardrobe is that you can always rely Β on it. I know this sounds kinda odd but what I am trying to say is that if you are in rush and can’t decide on what to wear (#story of my life) then you can grab this and go because you know that it goes with everything. Just throw on a pair of jeans and beanie (and shoes obviously) and then you are good to strut out of the door.

Also if you wanna make yourself look even more presentable then you can always put on your favourite lipstick.

Because this top is mostly white it will work with anything and everything. However I wouldn’t wear a red lipstick with it because then I would feel a bit like a French person… Instead I would opt for a purple or a nude or maybe even a pink if I was feeling bold.

For this particular outfit I paired this top with some basic high waisted jeans from H&M that I wear all the time and have become extremely faded as you can see. Again this is another item of clothing that goes with very nearly every top that I own.

For shoes I decided not to wear my Doctor Martens (I know it’s shocking) and instead I put on these fake Vans from New Look with daisies on. They originally had white laces but that’s too boring for me so I changed them to purple. I think that this is their debut on this blog even though I have had them so long I’ve lost count. They just sit at the back of my wardrobe gathering dust and I drag them out like once a month.

I am also wearing my favourite beanie ever which was actually another charity shop purchase and even though I own numerous beanies I always choose this one because it’s comfortable and cute. I am still looking for other beanies like this that hang down and have a bobble on.

This is actually my bag I take to college but is so handy for lugging my camera around as well as food because I very rarely leave the house without any food. I am literally Joey from Friends and I am not at all ashamed.

This coat you will have seen in literally all of my outfit posts in the last few months if you have been reading my blog that long, but it was the only coat I owned until I bought a new one in the new year which has replaced it. It may be falling apart but I can’t bring myself to get rid of it, we all have items of clothing that we can’t bare to get rid of.

Last but not least is accessories and of course I am wearing a choker. I literally wear one everyday (no lie) and this sounds totally ridiculous but I actually feel weird if I am not wearing one. Is that bad?! I love them so much and they make an outfit look so much cuter!

Cause it is totally not cute enough already!

As you can see I am various different settings for this “photoshoot”. This was such a wonderful day because my brother came down and cause my Mum was working and I didn’t have college I took him out to show him the wonders that is Hastings. He is an up and coming DJ and you can find him on Soundcloud and on Twitter (@DJHarknee) and he wanted some new headshots and photos for social media. Which is where I come in.

Photography runs in our family so I sneakily asked him to photograph me as well and I know I look so moody but I was being different. It’s funny cause we’re very different, he never smiles in photos when I am usually happy and smiley so I thought I would attempt the serious face. I actually love all of these photos, he did a very good job.

Spending quality time with family is important to me and I haven’t seen him in such a long time that is was so nice to catch up and go and eat MacDonalds.

As you can see I am trying out something different with this outfit post, I’m making it more chatty because I am a very chatty person and have a lot to say. So if you like this way of presenting my outfits then please let me know and I am always open to constructive criticism if you don’t like it. But in the end I am the one who is sitting in her princess onesie with her laptop on her lap writing.


What is that one item of clothing that you have in your wardrobe that you wear all the time?




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