Butter Bear Bath Bomb

This is the bath bomb for you if you want something that doesn’t have a strong scent but you still want to climb out of the bath smelling fabulous.

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If you are a Lush lover (let be real, who isn’t one) then you will have tried this at some point in your life.

The Butter Bear bath bomb is stocked all year round in Lush and I am almost certain that this is their cheapest bath bomb at only Β£1.95. It has a gorgeous vanilla scent which in my opinion you can’t go wrong with because it is one of those smells that literally everybody loves. As I have already mentioned the smell isn’t overwhelmingly strong like a lot of their bath bombs are and even once I had placed it in the water I couldn’t really smell it. Even though the smell is subtle when you leave the bath you skin still feels refreshed and smells like vanilla.

It contains cocoa butter which smells slightly chocolatey and it smells primarily of vanilla but I can actually get hints of chocolate.


I actually can’t find this on the website but I’m certain that they still stock it and I can’t really read the description on the label but I will do my best for you. So I’m warming you that some words will be wrong.

When dropped into a warm bath, your bomb will sway releasing its and beneficial essentials. Lie back, relax and enjoy.



Out of all of the bath bombs that Lush do, this one looks the cutest because it is in the shape of a little bear, hence the name “butter bear”. I actually felt kind of bad putting this into my bath and watching him slowly disappear… I am aware that he is not real don’t worry guys.

You can also see if you look closely that he has little bits in as well which I would assume are bits of cocoa butter. (I know nothing about smells and stuff so I am probably completely wrong.)


Here you can see the poor little bear fizzing away and slowly disappearing into the water.

Even though it is the cutest Lush bath bomb (in my opinion) it is actually the most boring when it comes to placing it into the bath and taking endless photos for your Instagram and Snapchat (guilty). There’s no explosion of colour because it is just white.

The little brown pieces don’t disappear, they just stay floating in your bath while the water turns a milky colour. This is kinda beneficial because it means that your bath doesn’t go a weird colour afterwards and doesn’t turn your skin a weird colour as well


I know that when you walk into a Lush shop it can be very overwhelming and very hard to choose a bath product. So I would recommend this to anyone who wants a simple bath with something that doesn’t have a strong smell and that means you don’t have wipe down your bath after. I would also recommend this to anyone who has never tried a Lush product before due to it’s price and to anyone who loves a vanilla scent.


Are you a fan of the butter bear bath bomb?

I’m hoping to go to Lush soon, so do you have any recommendations for which ones I should try out next?




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