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I am a lover of all things vintage, old fashioned or antique. Old Town Hastings is basically all of these things.

If you don’t live the South East of England then you will most likely have no idea where I am talking about but I live in the glorious town of Hastings on the South East coast. Within Hastings there is an area called Old Town which is what is says on the tin. It’s the old part of Hastings that has loads of cute little shops, coffee shops, old houses and just looks really old fashioned.

It is by far my favourite place around where I live (aside from the charity shops that are a one minute walk from my place) and I frequently walk there and through the streets because even though it can be quite busy it’s nice to be somewhere different for a while. It’s so different to the main part of town where all the high streets shops are.

It is also where the fishing part of Hastings is so the beach is lined with boats, equipment and stalls selling fish. Honestly I can’t stand the smell. It’s disgusting.

Here is some of the photos that I took of the old town during my last visit there a couple of weeks ago.

As you can see they are all black and white because for my recent photography project I have been looking at architecture and documentary photography. Old Town is filled with beautiful buildings so it was the perfect location for this shoot.

I have tried my best to make them look as old fashioned as possible because it’s an old place (do ya get me?!). I also took my film camera down here and filled a roll of film but obviously I can’t show you those on here cause it’s film and not digital. So basically I wanted to link these photos with the ones I took on film. It makes sense in my head.

My favourite shop is one called Roberts Rummages and is so small but the shop is filled with vintage item like stack of books, old cameras hanging from the ceiling, boxes of postcards. Anything old is in there and it’s like heaven. If you find yourself in Hastings you MUST go here!



Do you like modern places or old fashioned places?


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12 thoughts on “Old Town | Photography

  1. Ahhh i loved this post! And your photography is amazing! I’m so into taking photographs aswell and i have capturing buildings has architectural landscapes too! I’m hoping i’ll visit Hastings one day!

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