Yellow, Blue and a hint of Purple

I feel as though patterned clothing is not as popular as it used to be and now it is all about the block colours

In today’s outfit I have decided to follow this trend aside from the spotty baseball boots that I am wearing… But they’re so cute!

In this outfit I seem to be following some current trends which is very new because I usually just wear whatever the hell I want and is normally out of fashion but I don’t care about that. I read about trends and stuff but never stick to them.

Anywayyyyy this outfit is rather colourful and is kinda different for me because I own a lot of grey/black clothing. I mean who doesn’t? It’s everywhere. You get sucked into buying it because it looks good and it GOES WITH EVERYTHING. That way it is cost effective because you know you will wear it with absolutely everything and you will also wear it all the time.

For this shoot I am at the Old Town in Hastings and you can read more about that location in my LAST POST.



So first things first (I’m the realest… and no that will never get old) I am wearing this beaut that is a mustard yellow jumper from H&M. I’m pretty sure that I mentioned this in my December favourites because I actually bought it in the sale before Christmas for only £5!

They do jumpers in this exact style but in loads of different colours and this was the only colour in the style which shows that not many people were buying it so they put it in the sale. I would have happily paid (and I was going to) full price for this because I love this colour so much, it compliments by extremely pale skin tone and is kinds different.

Yellow is very “in” right now so this is a trend that I am actually following.

Because it is kinda of cropped I like to tuck it into some high waisted trousers, which are literally the only trousers that I own.



Moving onto my next colour: blue.

I paired this jumper with my Topshop high waisted Jamie jeans. I actually got these in the sale for £20 which is quite a lot but I desperately needed some new ones and Topshop jeans are supposed to be good. The only thing I dislike about these is that they’re cropped at the ankle. I much prefer longer jeans that I can then roll up.

Next up in the blue is this coat. If you have been reading my blog a while and have read my outfit posts then this will look extremely familiar because I have worn it non stop since I got it about two years ago. It’s from New Look and it’s great  because the pockets are huge which is practical for carrying food around (very important) and it’s warm and looks nice. It may not be waterproof but it looks nice #priorities



The hint of purple in this outfit comes from this gorgeous lipstick which is by far the best make up product I have ever bought. It’s from Smashbox and is in the shade Vivid Violet and I think it’s very unique as I very rarely see people wearing purple lipstick.

I think that it compliments this outfit perfectly and I even got someone who said that I quite clearly know what colours look good together and that I looked very pretty. So sweet (I’m not making that up, someone in a cafe honestly said that)



Then for the rest of the outfit I have on my shiny New Look choker which has broken (the clasp) so I don’t recommend that you buy chokers from there because both of mine have broken. I will still wear this because I love it so much.

Then I have my trusty New Look handbag which is literally a TARDIS. I can fit so much in it! This is another thing that I feature in literally every single outfit post.

Next I have on these cute baseball socks from Primark and what you can’t see is the huge Harry Potter logo on them… I’m not ashamed of my Harry Potter obsession and neither should you.

Then I have these cute baseball boots on that are multi coloured spots and I actually got these in the charity shop but they are originally from Primark.


I am all about spreading positivity and that is in fact one of my 2017 goals.

I know this is a long post but I hope you are still reading.

When these photos were taken and I looked back through  them I was so unsure about posting them because I felt as though I looked fat. We all have issues with body image and I am no different. I love these jeans but a lot of the time I don’t want to wear them because they make my stomach look fat and my legs. They don’t and I know that but some days when I look at these photos that I see.

I want to be confident so I was like “what the heck, I’m gonna post them” because no one else is thinks my stomach looks fat (hopefully). It’s just my mind. So I encourage you guys to post an image even if you think you look fat or keep finding flaws. You will get lovely comments from other people and I bet that you will feel great!

So that’s my daily bit of motivation for y’all



What colours do you wear most?


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13 thoughts on “Yellow, Blue and a hint of Purple

  1. I love that you had the balls to post these even though you didn’t feel that great about how you looked in them – good for you! You do look great – the yellow jumper is fabulous. I love yellow, such a bright, cheerful colour 🙂 I also love wearing various shades of green and blue – especially teal.

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  2. Loved this post! And i actually have the same mustard yellow top from H&M and i have the dark green colour aswell! These photos are beautiful and i loved the little ending at the end spreading some positivity! X

    Liked by 2 people

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