How I Style The Mens Shirt

Not gonna lie, I much prefer mens shirts to womens. And I know I’m not the only one.

They are just so much better than womens! *clears throat* They’re not pink and floral, they’re baggy which covers up your food baby, they have cooler patterns and prints on them and last but not least you can pretend you have stolen your boyfriends top when in reality you are forever alone. Okay that last one might not relate to you but it certainly does to me…

On this blog in my outfit posts I feel as though I have included a lot of mens tops so if you have been reading for a while then you are no stranger to it. If you are new here then HEY!, I’m Indi and I love wearing mens shirts.

You can do the thing where you pair it with some high waisted jeans and tie it in a cute little knot at the bottom, or save yourself time and just tuck it in. You could buy an ultra humongous one and pretend it’s a dress (I would recommend wearing shorts underneath know) or just wear it with a pair of leggings like I have here because you would rather be comfortable than look cute.

That was today look. Comfortable and not so cute. But oh well I’m gonna share it anyway to show you guys how I style the mens shirt.


First things first (I’m not gonna make that reference) this top is huge on me and I’m gonna be honest and say that it was given to me by my Dad because he didn’t wear it anymore. Therefore it’s kinda old and because he travelled a lot, I believe that this is from somewhere in America. It’s quite long, so it goes just past my bootay, but it’s definitely not long enough to wear as a dress. You can’t see but it is short sleeved.

I decided to pair this with a simple pair of black leggings that I actually got from Forever 21 and these were about Β£3 and they are hardly see through. Would highly recommend if you want some good leggings.


Then on my feet I am obviously wearing my Doctor Martens because they seem to be the only pair of shoes that I wear. I opted for my pink floral ones so that this look became a little more feminine.

For a shirt I chucked on this one which I picked up in the charity shop donkeys years ago. It’s the only girls shirt that I own and is from River Island and I love the green tartan as well as the cute Β denim collar. I like this because it is not as big on me as all of my other shirts are because they are mens.

To add ANOTHER layer onto this outfit, I chucked on my trusty navy blue parka from New Look which I have worn so much that it is falling apart so I sometimes wear a different one now. Anywayyyy I love this coat because it just goes with absolutely every outfit which if you have been reading my blog a while then you will see how much I wear it.


Finally onto accessories.

I have my aztec choker from Topshop which is another thing I wear all the time because it just looks so cute.

I can’t really see my earrings but they are most likely to be from New Look because I love their studs. They’re simple and cute. I am loving dangly earrings at the moment but they’re annoying when my hair is down because they can get tangled in them. The struggles of having long hair (not for long though, I’m getting it cut short…).

Last but not least is my New Look handbag which I wear all the time like my coat because it is the only handbag that I own. I not really a handbag person, I would much rather wear a rucksack cause they don’t hurt my shoulder and are so much better if I want to bring my camera along which I take everywhere with me.


For today’s walk, me and Mum went to Alexandra Park in Hastings. It is so beautiful and even though it is in the centre of the town, it feels like a completely different world. I can’t wait until the summer when it is warm and sunny so that I can go and sit of the grass and read. I miss the summer so much 😦


How do you style men’s shirts? (If you wear them, obvs)


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10 thoughts on “How I Style The Mens Shirt

  1. You look so pretty, love the outfit! I love buying stuff in the men section too, by the way. It’s also simply funny, because everyone stares at you, and is thinking about telling you that you’re wrong! πŸ™‚
    love, elena

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  2. I often buy t-shirts in the men’s section because their logos are so much better – superheroes and Star Wars etc! And I second the preference for rucksacks, they’re so much less awkward and irritating than handbags!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. The outfit looks both comfortable and cute! The Dr Martens really help tie the whole look together.
    I wish I could get away with wearing men’s tops but they always look so weird on me. I have to settle with a slightly too big women’s top (which you can guarantee will be as plain and boring as possible).

    Liked by 1 person

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