The Ear Cuff | Trying Something New

I’ve seen the ear cuff around a lot in the past and it’s only now that I decided to jump on the bandwagon

I used to think it was kinda weird to have an earring that goes up the side of your ear but now I think that it looks super cute.

This was a trend that was around in like 2014 (correct me if I’m wrong)  and even though 14 year old me did have her ears pierced, there’s no way her secondary school would let her wear it. Now 16 year old me (nearly 17) can wear what she wants. So Ima wear an ear cuff even though no one wears them anymore *insert sassy lady emoji*

Yes you can see the hair on the side of my face. No I don’t care.

I picked up this beauty in New Look in the sale. It was in perfect condition and it was probably in the sale because no one wanted it and I noticed that were a lot of different ones in the sale but this one caught my eye. A lot of the other were very over the top and I prefer gold jewellery over silver jewellery anyway. It was only £1.50 and that was reduced from £3.

I know that ear cuffs are generally meant to be put into a second piercing on the ear lobe but I only have one piercing, so the top of the ear cuff is lower than it probably. I don’t think this is a problem though and I’m still gonna wear it regardless. In my other ear I wear a single stud that looks very similar to the cuff.

I should really shut my wardrobe…

Overall I freaking love how this looks! It looks especially great when you sweep your hair over to one side so that you can see it clearly and then the other ear is kind of concealed. I feel like it makes your face and outfit look more glam because these were worn all over the red carpet by some very glamorous people; one example would be Jennifer Lawrence who is just amazing!

I shall definitely be wearing more of these in the future. Just excuse me while I pop down to New Look to pick up all of the others that were in the sale.


However the only thing I have to say is, is that after a while it does start to hurt your ear where it is hooked around the outside of the top of your ear. It’s most likely because I’m not used to having bits of metal hooked around my ear… After wearing it a lot, I’m sure that the pain will go away (I’m hoping it does). It may be painful but it looks hella cute so… yeah.


Have you worn ear cuffs before? What is your opinion on them?


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