I Said Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On

I love the feeling of wearing a new pair of shoes and just strutting around the place…

until you can feel blisters forming on your feet an hour after putting them on for the first time…

Also who remembers the song “New Shoes” by Paolo Nutini? What a tune! You should listen to it 

Anywayyyyy… I got these beauties in the new year and I mentioned them in my New Year, New Stuff haul. I wore this outfit ages ago which explains the long hair because if you read my last post then you will know that I cut it all off for charity.


They were only £10 in the sale from Deichmann which is a shoe shop that you probably won’t have heard of and I don’t know if it’s a worldwide store. The brand of them is Graceland which I also haven’t heard of. The chance of them falling apart or something in the next few months is highly likely but I honestly don’t care because they were only £10.


I have kind of dressed this look up a little and decided to put on a skirt and recently for some reason  I have been wearing lots of skirts. This particular black skater skirt is from New Look and I’m gonna be honest and say that it is size 12-13 and I am 16. God knows how I still fit into it, but I do surprisingly. It also used to be my secondary school skirt but I sill wear it because it goes with everything. A black skater skirt is something that everybody should own because it is a staple.


Moving swiftly on to the rest of the outfit. I have paired this skirt with my top that  has a High School Musical reference on it that was probably not intentional. It says “nothing bu net” (HSM fans will get it) and was from Topman and is honestly so comfortable. Honestly guys mens clothing is just so much better!


I am also wearing a vest underneath from Primark because it was freezing!

I have also put on my denim jacket that was actually my Mums but is mine now. It’s a cute fitted cropped one that I believe was from George which is the clothing line at Asda. Not to boast or anything but I think that it goes perfectly with the rest of this outfit.


My coat is from the charity shop that you also would have seen in my New Year, New Stuff haul and I picked it up from the charity shop. It is originally from Topshop so I got myself a right old bargain!

This plain black beanie which for some reason never wants to sit properly on my head is from Primark. It’s kinda boring but keeps my head warm.

Choker is New Look, my classic black velvet one and my silver necklace is from H&M.


I mention this handbag in EVERY outfit post as it’s the only one I own but it is from New Look.

Finally I am obviously wearing tights which are most likely from Primark but I have no idea, lets be real here, does anyone remember wear they got their tights from?!

You most likely can’t see them but I am also wearing long black socks over the top of my tights because I was honestly freezing. I love January (which was when these were taken).

Always look before walking across the road kids.

The location of this photoshoot was in the Old Town in Hastings which I have featured so much on this blog because it has really become one of my favourite places.


What new shoes have you purchased recently?


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