Upcycling Charity Shop Mom Jeans

I feel like mom jeans are the new boyfriend jeans.

They are super cute and you can wear anything and everything with them. I am also not American but mom just looks so much better in this context, correct if ya want but I’m gonna keep using mom not mum.

This is something new that I want to put on this blog because I want to included more and more fashion related stuff that isn’t just my outfits. So I am going feature any clothes that I upcycle that I have bought from the charity shop (aka my favourite place ever) to show you guys how easy it is to turn something not ย great into something great. It also gives me an excuse to buy clothes from the charity shop and it gets me doing something creative cause scrolling through tumblr unfortunately isn’t creative.

Anywayyyyyyy… I got these jeans from the charity shop (read this haul here) agesssss ago and I altered them agesssss ago but never got round to showing you. So many months later, here are my upcycled mom jeans which you’ve probably seen before on this blog.

[Yes I’m not wearing make up. No I don’t care cause it was my day off college and I couldn’t be bothered. Hence why I’m looking away from the camera.]


As you can see by this photo taken from that haul these jeans were absolutely huge on me. I bought them with the intention of altering them because I love the shape of them and I love the denim on them as well.

So I firstly turned up and cut off quite a lot off the cuffs at the bottom as they were super long that I was tripping over them. I always roll them up cause then it looks more Tumblr.


Then I sewed up the inner seam to make the legs slimmer and I sewed this with a running stitch and a zigzag stitch to ensure that it doesn’t rip open. I then cut off all the excess material.

And ย just like that I have a whole new pair of jeans!


I didn’t sew the waist in any thinner despite the fact it’s huge because I was worried about them loosing their shape and I haven’t done anything like ย that before. Therefore I just always wear this belt with them.

Just to jazz them up a bit I painted the back pockets; one of them baby blue and the other baby pink and I have no idea why I did this I just thought it would look cute.

I love mom jeans because they are high waisted and are slim at the waist and are particularly good at accentuating the hips and the butt. I literally feel as though I have a Kim Kardashian butt in these because I have a slim waist and wide hips, not that I am complaining or anything.


I usually pair these with a cute tight fitted crop ย top or a baggy mens top to make me look as though I step right out of the 90s. When it’s cold I like to tuck a jumper into them which is so unbelievably 90s and I did post a picture of this on my Instagram. Basically I love 90s fashion! Then for shoes I always wear my DMs with these cause I wear them everyday, but I think that they could also look kinda cute with some Vans or something.They suit a casual shoe.


As much I love these jeans to the moon and back I do feel as though they make me look kinda fat… Especially my thighs which are largish but I’m slowly getting to a point where that doesn’t bother me anymore. They also make my stomach look fat some days because I wear a tight belt and yeah… but I’m slowly gaining more confidence and I’m gonna post these photos regardless. I’ve also been trying to work out, not that you can tell :’)


Anywayyyy let me know if you like this style of blog post.


Are you a fan of wearing mom jeans? If so, how do you style them?


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14 thoughts on “Upcycling Charity Shop Mom Jeans

  1. I have to agree that the mom jean is defiantly the new boyfriend jean. And I am TOTALLY okay with that. I think this new style is just so cute and goes with so many looks. I love all of your photos in the jeans! Your rocking it!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Amazing! I bought some mom jeans that were too big for me too, but I did the opposite – altered the waist and left the legs alone! I’m so glad these are back in fashion, I love mine too!

    P.S. I know what you mean about them looking biggish (you are skinny as anything!) but I’m the same, it takes some getting used to after skinny jeans and leggings!

    Liked by 1 person

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