Challenge Yourself

Progress is progress no matter how small. (my god that was cheesy)

I am planning on writing about lifestyle and health and fitness as well as fashion stuff so this is the start of that. I am also just gonna point out that I am no health/fitness professional, this is all based from experience, I just want to share my advice with you all.

So today I wanted to share some important reasons why I think it is important to go out and challenge yourself and how it is really beneficial. I got really inspired to write this whilst on a run because I don’t listen to music and instead I plan blog posts in my head (kinda sad I know :’))

In order to see progress in anything that you do, you have to challenge yourself and push yourself in everything that you do that you want to progress in (make sense?)

Let me give you guys a couple of examples which are fitness related.

My running gear

So I started running at the start of November and when I started I could only run about 0.5 miles, maybe not even that, without stopping and walking. Now, 3 months on, I can run about 2 miles until I need to stop and walk. I achieved this because I challenged myself. So each run I would say to myself that I would run to a certain point and then when I got to that point I would be like “you know what, you’re not that out of breath so keep going until the next sign”.

Every run I push myself to run just that little bit extra before walking. Even if it’s 50 metres, I am still proud of that because as I said in my cheesy opening… “progress is progress no matter how small”.

You could also challenge yourself to go running more frequently. So I normally go once a week but recently I have been going twice and I have a fitness app that congratulates me when I go twice a week as I set it as my weekly challenge. I actually love it when I get a notification congratulating me (I know, I lead such an exciting life).

If you want to see results in anything then you have to put in the effort.


So carrying on with fitness and body confidence and stuff I am going to be honest and say that I have never liked me stomach. It probably doesn’t help that I eat a lot but oh well. So I thought that I should do something about it and because I can’t afford the gym I looked on Pinterest for some challenges. I am currently in the midst of doing the Blogilates 30 flat abs and I can kinda of see some small results. I am going to keep doing these and challenging myself to get off the coach and work out.

If you are planning on doing things like this then you need to remember that it takes time to see results. You won’t have a six pack after 1 crunch (I wish though).

Anyone still doing the whole new year, new me? IF NOT THEN GET BACK TO IT AND CHALLENGE YOURSELF.

This whole idea of challenging does not just apply to fitness. It applies to anything and everything.

Let me give you some more examples.

Instead of coco pops, why not have porridge?

Food. I love it. I eat a lot of it. Even though it is February there may be people out there still sticking to the New Year resolution of being healthy (like me). So if there is a packet of biscuits in the cupboard and you’re are in need of a snack then you could have an alternative. Like try a cut up apple with peanut butter (trust me it’s amazing!!!) or some nuts. Don’t not eat because you can put on weight if you don’t eat.

Set yourself the challenge of not eating any chocolate for a day or not eating any bread. The option are endless, I could really go on for a while.

I went for a walk in my freaking onesie! Now that’s stepping out of my comfort zone!

This one is kind of different but it’s to do with mental health. I know a lot of people have anxiety and that can stop them doing a lot of things and I have my days where I am like that. It’s not as bad anymore now though. Anyway you could try and step out of your comfort zone and do something that your anxiety would normally stop you doing. Try and push yourself to do something different because you will feel proud of yourself and you know what they say “life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

I am aware that anxiety affects everyone in different ways so this may or may not apply to you. But I think everyone should still try stepping out of their comfort zone.

Love me some psychology revision

Last but not least is school/ college work which lets be real here, everyone hates. Who actually likes revision, exams, mocks, deadlines etc? (if you do then I’m not judging). However if you need that grade to get into university or something then you have to put in the effort and go the extra mile. So challenge yourself to do some revision or coursework for half an hour a day, or even more time if you would like. Or you could say that you will have revised a certain topic by a certain date or completed 30 pages in your sketchbook by a certain date. These are just examples but I think you get what I am trying to say.

If you are struggling keeping up things then you could reward yourself after each challenge you complete. So after a run I treat myself to a nice small cooked healthy breakfast and after each revision session I treat myself to some chocolate or something (totally contrasts the running and being healthy). Use treats as an incentive.

Write down all of your daily challenges because there is nothing more satsifying than ticking something off a to do list (or maybe it’s just me that thinks that…)

Trust me when I say that you will feel so good about yourself after completing something that you challenged yourself to do.


I know this was something different but I hoped that you liked it even though it was very long and chatty. I think that it is an important thing to discuss and in some ways I am stepping out of my comfort zone by posting something a bit different. And if I am honest I am scared to hit the publish button as I have no idea what you guys will think of this post… aaaahhhhhhhh


How have you challenged yourself recently?


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