The Outfit That I Literally Wear All The Time

Everybody has certain items of clothing or a style that they wear all the time.

[No my hair hasn’t miraculously grown back (I wish though), these photos were taken a while back]

I couldn’t think of anything inventive to title this post so this was the best I could do and it is true.

I have no reason for doing this. I have no idea why I do this. But most days I will grab my black high waist jeans, a mens shirt and a cute pair of booties. Despite the fact I own A LOT of clothes.

Put your hands in the air if you are the same as me and you just don’t care *raises both hands to the ceiling*

To be fair I know I’m not the only one because I see people at college who wear the same clothes most days and I’m won’t judge them because I totally understand!

I feel as though this totally contradicts a lot of what I say on this blog because I am all about promoting being unique and different but some days (okay most days) I just throw this on because I am running late for college… However I have decided to make a change because writing this is really making me realise that I need to dust off some of my clothes in the bottom of my wardrobe and actually wear them. So I want you to join in with me in making a change and if you follow me on Instagram then you will see a lot of other outfits that I wear that I don’t feature on this blog so you can follow me in my plan to be even more different than normal.

I have blabbed on for a while so I shall get into the actual outfit which features items of clothing that you will have seen before and are probably bored of… ENJOY!


First things first are my black high waisted jeans which are from H&M and I don’t have much to say about them except that I love them and they are super comfortable. One thing I love about black jeans is that they make you look slimmer than you actually are which is always good and I’m not complaining.

I have no idea where this belt actually came from because in all honesty it is my Mums and I saw it and liked it, so it’s now mine. We share a surprisingly large amount of clothes because we’re basically the same size.


This shirt I am wearing is from the charity shop and Β yes it is a mens. No surprise there. I love it because it is so different and most of my other shirts are just checked or plain. I have tucked it in just to be different and it also covers my stomach cause it’s cold and I had Pizza Express with some friends the day this was taken so it’s also kind of covering my pizza food baby.

The vest/ crop top I am wearing is from Topshop and I have featured it SO MUCH on this blog because I love it so much and I know it’s a summery top but it wasn’t overly cold this day. I think that the colours go really well with this shirt.


My coat is from the charity shop and you will have seen it a lot here because it has replaced my navy blue one that I always used to wear. It’s originally from Topshop and I even had someone at my work say that it looked “trendy” which I shall take as a compliment.

My handbag is from New Look and it is another thing I wear all the time only because it’s the only handbag I own as I’m not a fan of them. Rucksacks are just so much better. It’s literally a Tardis though cause I can fit so much in it.


My cute lil booties are from Graceland (never heard of it before) and Β you will have seen them before as I got them in the new year. Normally I wear my Doctor Martens (as you guys will probably know already if you have read my other fashion posts) but on this day I wanted to dress up slightly because Pizza Express is very fancy.

In terms of jewellery I am obviously wearing my velvet black choker from New Look which I wear with everything purely because it goes with everything.

For my necklaces I don’t think you will have seen these before (shock horror!!!). It’s a cute little pineapple one and a gold circle one which are both from H&M and my lovely brother bought them for me (I chose them. Of course. His taste isn’t that good.). I don’t normally wear necklaces but because this top is quite low cut so I thought I would. That’s a part of my “being different” plan, wearing more necklaces.


These were taken in a new park that me and my Mum discovered and it’s really cute I think.


So I would love to know, who is going to join me in my “being different” plan. If so then you need to dust off those clothes at the bottom of the wardrobe and don’t care about what other people may think. If you post a picture of it on Instagram or Twitter or on your blog or anything then tag me in it or let me know so I can check it out. All my links are at the bottom of the post as always.


What are the items of clothing that Β you wear everyday?


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