Bristol | Fashion and Food

Fashion and food are my two favourite things in life. I love them both equally.

Also this is my 100th post!! AAaaaahhhhhhh!

Anyway last weekend I went to Bristol for the day and I actually think that it is one of my favourite places. There’s great food and shops and what more could you want?

I wanted to do something different by doing a sort of day in the life and show you my trip to Bristol. I went to Somerset for a few days and this was a day trip that I went on.



So I went for a very weird outfit today and it is all part of my plan to start being different. When I packed for my trip to Somerset I picked up this pair of stripy socks and set myself the challenge to wear them at least once of this trip and I ended up wearing them on the first day! If I knew where they were from then I would tell you but I have no idea cause I got them ages ago from my Mum for Christmas.

My top is from the Primark mens department and I really love the vintage style Coke tees. I am also wearing my denim jacket which I have been obsessed with recently and I have covered it in badges because there was a sale on in Paperchase so I picked up a lot of them. This jacket in from George.

This skirt is from H&M and is actually my secondary school skirt but no one needs to know that… and I have no idea where these tights are from but it is most likely Primark. My coat is from the charity shop but it is originally from Topshop.

I am, of course, wearing my Doctor Martens with the different coloured laces which make this outfit look even weirder than it already is with the crazy socks.


For accessories I have my New Look black velvet choker on and a couple of gold necklaces from H&M. Last but not least my rucksack is from Paperchase.


As you can also see I am wearing glitter on my face and I have no real reason for doing this but it’s my new thing. I am not off to a festival I just really like wearing glitter on my face.




I love food. I also have a newfound love for Za Za Bazaar. I believe there is only 2 in England, Bristol and Newcastle but HOLY GUACOMOLE IT IS MY NEW FAVOURITE PLACE.

Basically it’s an all you can eat place which are my favourite places. But it’s next level because they serve food from EVERY CONTINENT so you could have an American burger with some Indian curry with a side of sushi. I was actually in heaven and I spent ages walking around before finally deciding what I wanted. Then for desert they had a freakin ice cream machine and a chocolate fountain!!!

I obviously had to photograph it so that I could show you all.


For starters I had a plate of nachos which are my favourite things to make at home but these were proper ones with cheese and guacamole. So amazing.


Then I couldn’t decide what I wanted for a main meal so I went for something different and all of the stuff on this plate was Far East food. I had thai green curry (so goooddddd) with egg fried rice. A couple of popaddoms, which are my favourite, as well as a couple of bbq chicken meatballs.

By this time I was filling up but I had to power through because there was desert.


I also had a bowl of salad just to make myself feel better about all the desert I was about to eat. It was your standard salad with lettuce, gherkins, houmous, cucumber and beetroot.


Then my favourite meal. Desert. They had trays of mini deserts so I had a few of then such as cheesecake, merguines and cake. Thennnnn I had something that I don’t remember the name of but was the best thing of that bowl. So it was chocolate mousse with some chocolate cake in and topped with cream and marshmallows. Finally I had some smarties and jelly beans and by that time I was about ready to explode.


After eating this we did some shopping and I shall be doing a haul soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. I am now off to eat my weight in chocolate and crap food because writing and editing this had made me extremely hungry.


What items of clothing have your worn recently that are different from what you would normally wear?


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