The Blue Clothing Edit

Everyone owns at least one item of blue clothing in that wardrobe and if you don’t then I am amazed!

Whether it’s a pair of jeans, a top or a skirt you will own something blue and I am here today to show you guys how I personally style all things blue.

This post is also my very first collaboration with the wonderful Olivia Alesha who has done a post very similar to mine but instead of blue, she is showing you how to style blushed nude. So go on over and check out her post here:

I have compiled 3 looks that all feature something blue to show you all how I wear it. I couldn’t narrow it down to just one shade of blue so you’ve got a bit of navy blue, a bit of light blue and other shades that I don’t know the name of.


Look 1: Oversized dungarees


First thing first are these amazing pair of dungarees that I could honestly live in because they are so comfortable.

Gonna be honest and say that they are in fact not mine and my Mum gave them to me as she no longer wore them and they used to be her painting dungarees hence why they have paint all down them. However I think it makes them look more vintage. I have no idea where they are from or how old they are but I love the fact that they are baggy because it makes them different from other pairs nowadays and it dramatically increases the comfort level.


So I have paired these with my grey batman top from Primark (mens section obvs) I think it’s a good combination as grey and blue go well together. I like to wear my dungarees over one shoulder so that you can see what is on my top. Next I have my pink Doctor Martens on to make this look a little more feminine and batman and florals is just a great combination. For jewellery I just have on my velvet black choker from New Look and I forgot to put earrings in this day so that it is.

I think the grey and pink contrast the blue quite well so the blue is not over the top.



Look 2: Double denim


I know that I am breaking some fashion rules by wearing double denim by rules were made to be broken soooo……. Anyway I have paired some high waisted jeans with a cute lil denim jacket.

Some people might not think this looks good but I like it and I think that one reason this works is because both the denim are different shades of blue. The jacket is from George and was my Mums  and the jeans are from H&M. I also have a lot of badges on this jacket because why not?


I have paired this outfit with a pink crop top from New Look and I know this outfit is very summery but yannoo spring is approaching. You can’t see any shoes because I am not wearing any but I would be wearing my spotty baseball boots that you would have seen if you have read my previous outfit posts. Also for jewellery I would wear my black velvet choker but I forgot to put it on. Finally my belt is from somewhere but I don’t know where that somewhere is.



Look 3: I Don’t Know What To Call This


I don’t know what to call this look but it’s probably something that I would wear to a party or something… not that I actually go to any… ahah…

Anywayyyyyy….. the blue in this outfit comes from this cute top from H&M  which I got in the New Year sale. The thing that I really like about this outfit is that the blue is kinda subtle and not over the top like in the last outfit. I know some people say that blue and black don’t work but in this case I don’t think that it looks that bad.


The skirt in this outfit is from the New Look kids section because it’s my secondary  school skirt. I know I am not wearing them but I could be wearing a pair of tights that would most likely be from Primark. Or if it was warm then you could just not wear tights but I guess that all depends on if you’ve shaved your legs or not. For shoes I would most likely wear my pink floral Doctor Martens or maybe some wedges if I was actually feeling bold and going to a party.

For jewellery I would wear my black velvet choker because it goes with absolutely everything and maybe some necklaces as well.

Feeling like a ballerina 🙂


How do you wear blue?


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16 thoughts on “The Blue Clothing Edit

  1. Ohhhh I’m loving these outfits, the skirt and the stripped top are so pretty, and you definitely pulled off the double denim look. I’m in love with the dungarees, everything about it is gorgeous!
    -Olivia Xx

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