Pencil Skirts and Baggy Jumpers

The mustard yellow jumper makes a return

If you follow me on Instagram or have read previous posts then you will know that I am absolutely in love with this jumper. There’s not even anything special about it, it’s just your standard knitted jumper.

Anyway I am still following my “being different” plan where I wear outfits other than jeans a top. And I have noticed flicking (or scrolling) through my previous posts that I have in fact been wearing different things which is great because jeans are boring and most of mine are either faded or getting holes… I should probably get some new ones…

So for this particular outfit I have gone for a smart casual look you could say. A cute lil pencil skirt with my jumper tucked in and a pair of boots. On this particular day during half term I was down in Somerset (which I know I have mentioned a lot #sorrynotsorry) nd I was doing a photoshoot with a couple of friends for my photography project. This was obviously the perfect time to get some outfit photos and for this location we were by the river in some fields and it was kinda cold and very wind but sunny. So thanks to Ellen for taking these photos, hi if you are reading this, I don’t know if you read my blog :’)


Onto the outfit. This beautiful jumper is from H&M and I got in the sale and it is honestly the best Β£5 I have ever spent. I wear it all the time and I shall continue to wear it all the time because mustard yellow is one of my new favourite colours.

It was windy and my hair is annoying

Next I am wearing a pencil skirt which is also from H&M and not gonna lie when I say that this is my work skirt but I haven’t had work in a while and plus it has stretched a lot which is annoying. What you can’t see is that I have actually had to safety pin it at the waist because either I have lost weight or it has stretched (it’s probably the latter). The only thing I don’t like about them is that you can see where I tucked in my jumper so it looks kinda odd but oh well.


I have no idea where these socks are from, so I do apologise for that, but I love them so much. I really like funky socks and these definitely tick the funky box. They are also kinda long so they poke out from boots. They fit in with the theme of this outfit which is yellow.


You will have seen these boot before so I don’t have much to say about them aside that they Dr Martens. In addition they also fit in with the yellow theme because of my laces on one of my boots and the thread around the bottom of them.

Probably laughing at a joke I told earlier that I thought was funny but most likely wasn’t

You might be able to see that I am wearing a vest underneath the jumper because it was cold and this jumper is slightly see through. It is most likely from Primark because lets be real here who doesn’t own like 10 Primark vests. My tights are also probably Primark but I don’t know.


I am wearing my ear cuff from New Look which I wrote a post about last month so you can check it out here:Β The Ear Cuff | Trying Something New. Β It looks super cute and I like it with my new hair cut because I always wear my hair in a side parting now.

My choker is also from New Look which I wear all the time so I have nothing to say about it.


My dark red lipstick is from Collection and is called Plum Sensation and I think that it compliments the yellow really well.I was gonna wear a purple one but I wore that in my last outfit post with this jumper and I also forgot to pack it… It literally lasts all day so I would highly recommend buying lipsticks from Collection.

You may also be able to see that I am wearing glitter on my face because why the hell not and I used it on my friends for the photoshoot and I felt left out. I think that it is from W7 which is a brand that like no one has heard of.

And dats it.

This outfit reminds of that song Black and Yellow. What a tune!


Do you have an item of clothing that you are obsessed with?


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