Workout Clothing Haul (plus some other stuff)

Finally got round to getting some new workout clothing as well as some other random stuff that I don’t need.

Is it just me that finds it difficult to think of titles for haul posts?

Anyway today I shall being trying on and showing you all of the stuff that I bought the other week when I went to Bristol. I am obviously not trying on the books cause that’s impossible…

I went out with the intention of buying new running gear cause I literally had one pair of leggings and a top but now I am really trying to go running more often I decided to buy some new stuff. I also bought some other stuff because it’s me and I do that.

I have another question (I am full of them today), why does running stuff have to be so expensive??? I want to go running and look hella cute but it costs a lot of money to do that and ain’t nobody got the money for dat. Just saying.

Anywayyyy here’s the stuff I bought!


Workout clothing:


First things first was some running leggings and I went for the cheapest pair cause most were over £20 and I was like HEELLLL NAHHHH. These purple ones were £16 from Karimor and they’re quite thick which is perfect for running during storm Doris right now in England. They also have a pocket on the bum which is obviously handy so I can put my phone somewhere. I got these in Sports Direct by the way.

Also in Sports Direct they were doing a deal so it was 2 tops for £7 which is a good deal if I say so myself. These two are from LA Gear and they’re your basic tshirt material not proper running top material (the breathable fabric stuff) but that’s okay cause I usually wear a hoodie over it anyway. They looked tiny so I picked up the black in a size 12 and the green in a size 14 because I would rather it big than small.


Next in Primark I picked up a set of 3 running socks for £1.70! What a bargain! I have no idea if these improve your performance or anything but I got them anyway.


Finally the last item of workout clothing I got was this long sleeved top also from Primark. It’s so nice and looks super cute and was £7. The grey looks really nice with the purple on ma leggings.

Ima look so cute when I go running not a hot, sweaty mess… ahaha


Other clothing

I’m so pale 😦

Pull & Bear is literally my favourite shop ever! The clothing is just amazing and they were having aa huge sale and I spent ages looking at everything. I saw this dress and was like well it looks cute and also looks like something I’ll wear once and then put in the bottom of my wardrobe so I got it. Jokes aside I actually really like this and is very different to what I normally wear hence why I got it. So it was £5.99 reduced from £29.99!!!


Of course it is not an Indi Arden Stilling haul without including something I bought from the charity shop. This is also something that I don’t know if I’ll wear much but I’m trying to be different. So for £3.50 I got this burgundy maxi skirt which is originally from New Look. God knows when I will wear it but you may see an outfit post with me wearing it this summer.



Other stuff


I have been collecting John Green books for a while and I see them in charity shops so I buy them. This was only £1 and I am excited to read it so you will probably see a review of it on ma blog. One day.



Finally is some fashion magazines because I buy a lot of them and it takes me a while to read them. But oh well. So they were doing a bundle pack with Cosmopolitan and ELLE for £4.50 AND it came with a Benefit masacara! What an absolute bargain!


I had £50 to spend and this all comes to like £47 and I ended up spending the last £3 on a meal deal for my journey home. Love me some food.


What have you purchased recently?


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