February Favourites and Recap!

February is over, March has (nearly) begun which means that Spring has nearly sprung.

Gonna be honest and say that February  has had a lot of downs but a few ups. But ya know what, shit happens and that’s just fine so you gotta pick your head up and keep on strutting. There’s some motivation for y’all.

Also what a way to end the month, with pancakes. I never have pancakes on pancake and the chances of me having them today are very slim because I’m still trying to be super healthy and miserable failing cause I ate a whole bag of mini eggs yesterday (but I had salad for lunch so they kinda counterbalance each other…). I suck at this whole healthy eating thing but I am trying my best.

This kinda links on to my next point which is my running. I have been running once a week since November but for a couple of weeks this month I actually went twice (shock horror) so my goal for next month is to go running twice a week every week because that’s the only way I am going to improve and I am planning on doing a 10K run this summer.

I am so happy with my blog this month because I hit 300 followers(!!!!) and 100 posts(!!!) an I did my first collaboration post!!! So thank you guys so much for reading because I spend all of my very little free time of this and I love the feedback that you guys give. I have also written about some different things this month which I quite like as I like to change things up a bit.

I am excited for March mainly because it’s my birthday (just saying. 17th, make a note. I’m joking). That’s literally all I have planned for next month, I don’t have any exciting posts planned but I’m working on it and I have mocks to revise for. Okay so maybe it’s not gonna be such an exciting month…

Right I shall stop rambling and show you guys what I have been loving this month:

Make Up:


  1. Max Factor eyeshadow palette – This was a Christmas present and I really love it because it includes like every colour that I like to wear on my eyes and it includes both matte and shimmer shades in one palette. It’s a great size to take if I’m staying overnight somewhere and the colour blend so well!
  2. New Look eyeshadow in Bronze – That palette doesn’t have a gold to this one is also good to take places because if you guys didn’t know already I love wearing gold eyeshadow. This one is gorgeous and looks nice over the top of a brown one because it’s very shimmery.
  3. New Cid i-glow shimmer powder in Sirocco – I got this when I subscribed to a fashion magazine ages and ages ago and I don’t really use it but I took it with me when I stayed overnight somewhere and I just love it. It’s not a highlighter but I use it as one as it’s quite subtle but super shimmery.
  4. Benefit They’re Real mascara – I have had this since September and have only just realised how good it is! I also good another tube in a magazine so I ain’t gonna run out of this any time soon. It is so unbelievably amazing and gives my lashes so much volume, would highly recommend but it is pricey and this is only the travel sized one!
  5. Maybelline Dream Velvet Foundation – I love this foundation because it is lightweight and  a light coverage which I am loving at the moment because when it gets warmer I don’t like wearing heavy coverage foundations. It hardly looks like you’re wearing any mainly because I only apply a little but it makes such a difference to my horrible skin.




  1. Original Source Mint and Tea Tree shower gel – This is a random one but I love this so much and it was from Poundland. It leaves your skin feeling all tingly which I quite like and omg it smells so good because I love anything mint smelling.
  2. Simple Cleansing Lotion – I use this most days and I don’t have anything to say about it other than I really like it and I have no idea if it is actually making a difference to my skin or not but oh well.
  3. Dove deodorant – Again very random and also from Poundland but this is a good smelling deodorant and it does what it says on the tin so I can’t fault it.




I HAVE A NEW OBSESSION WITH HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER. That deserved capital letters.

Basically I figured that I watch Friends too much (my Mum also told that I do as well) so I decided to watch something else in order to procrastinate and that came in the form of HIMYM. I was given the discs but I am missing seasons 1 and 2 and 7 onwards but I’ll buy them from somewhere. I have already seen seasons 1 and 2 so this month I started on season 3 and watched all  of it and all of season 4 and most of season 5. It’s just amazing and I can’t fault it.


My month in blog posts:

  1. Donating My Hair to the Little Princess Trust
    2.I Said Hey, I Put Some New Shoes On
    3.Wicked | Opinions and Outfit
    4.Upcycling Charity Shop Mom Jeans
    5.Challenge Yourself
    6.The Outfit That I Literally Wear All The Time
    7.The Inspirational Blogger Award
    8.Bristol | Fashion and Food
    9.Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone | Anxiety
    10.The Blue Clothing Edit
    11.Pencil Skirts and Baggy Jumpers
    12.Book Club #2
    13.Workout Clothing Haul (plus some other stuff)


So that’s been my month, how about yours? What exciting things have you done this month? What fun things have you got planned for next month?


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10 thoughts on “February Favourites and Recap!

  1. These photos are amazing, your practically a professional! This is completely unrelated but do you know how to categorize blog posts because I’m completely lost! (I love your blog) 🙂 .

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