The Little Black Dress

I don’t know what the rules are and what classifies as a LBD but this is a dress, it’s black and little (size small)

I’m pretty sure that this is the second time featuring a dress on this blog, the first being my prom dress, because I don’t wear dresses. I only own two dresses, this being one of them, and the other one is for formal occasions of which there are very few in my life. But because I wear jeans all the time I wanted to actually start wearing cute lil dresses like this one because it is just so adorable.


I featured this in a haul recently (Workout Clothing Haul (plus some other stuff)Β and I picked it up from Pull & Bear aka my favourite shop ever! It really sucks that the closest one is like an hour away from me in Brighton. Anyway I got this in the sale for a whopping Β£5.99 which was reduced from Β£29.99 so it was a right old bargain. I have no idea when I will wear this again but it’s there for when I feel like it. I would wear it to college but part of me feels like it is a little to fancy to college. I mean I don’t know, one day I’ll wear it there.


Before I tell you what else I was wearing I wanted to talk about where I was. So this was a couple of weeks ago when I went to Bexhill-On-Sea for the morning because the weather was just incredible. It was surprisingly warm, I was wearing a coat but I took it off because it was that warm. Bexhill is home to the De La Warr Pavilion which is famous so you may have heard of it because architecturally it is really beautiful! And the area surrounding is really nice as well because it is right on the seafront. Me and my Mum sat in the cafe drinking coffee and eating scones (living the high life).

I actually wish the weather was this nice because it’s so windy here and cold and I really don’t like it. Anyway moving on to the rest of the outfit:


I have paired this dress with the pink floral Dr Martens because I felt as though this outfit needed some colour. I was gonna go for my black ones so that I felt super grunge but I never wear all black so I felt like a little bit of colour was necessary.


As you will probably know I love me a choker and I wear one EVERYDAY. But on this day I was just feeling really adventurous and I decided to Β wear a bandana instead. I went for a green one because blue didn’t go and I’m not a huge fan of red. I have a few bandanas because I went through that phase of wearing them all the time in secondary school (omg I should totally do a post about the weird phases I went through). Anyway I like how it looks with the dress despite the fact it kept coming undone.


My tights are most likely to be from Primark and my handbag is from New Look which you will have seen before because I wear it everywhere that I go. I feel as though I have kinda grown out of it though and I want to get a new one and my birthday is coming up so… I hopefully I’ll get some clothing vouchers or something so I can get a new one.


On this dress I love all the lace on it because it’s very pretty and I am in fact a lover of all things lace. I also like all the detailing on the front of the dress and then it has another black layer underneath so that it is not see through. My arms and chest were little cold because of the lace and if I wear this in the summer then I would have to put suncream on underneath because that would not be a pretty sunburn.


Ooo one thing I didn’t mention is that I do in fact have a vest on underneath because it’s not quite warm enough to not wear vests. But I feel as though we are slowly getting there.


I don’t normally write about my make up but I am loving my make I am wearing today. Basically I went all out with the gold eye shadow on my eyes as it makes my eye look even more blue than usual and then I went in with my classic winged eye liner. I love this look and wear it wayyyyyyy too much.



Also if anyone has any fashion related blog post suggestions then I would love to hear from you because I am lacking inspiration at the moment but I have a few good posts lined up.


How do you style the little black dress?


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6 thoughts on “The Little Black Dress

  1. I love the viewπŸ˜πŸ™†πŸ» I should really find my inner confidence to wear dresses more often..πŸ˜ͺ for some reason, I only wear skirts and dresses if I’m not in my town!! The dress suits you though ❀️

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