How I Style Shorts In Spring

Yes I know that Spring technically starts on the 21st but I don’t care, I am preparing for Spring now.

I mean it is warming up and sometimes the sun will shine through the clouds so I am taking that a sign that Spring will soon begin.

So today I am going to be showing you guys how I choose to style shorts during the warmer weather because it’s not hot enough to not wear tights but it is gradually getting warmer. I literally used to wear shorts and tights ALL THE TIME when I like 13 and then I stopped and I don’t know why I did because I actually think that they look quite cute. Also whilst scrolling through Instagram (which I spend too much time doing) I always see people in cute denim shorts and black tights with some boots so I thought that I would join in.

I know these aren’t the best photos because I went to the beach and didn’t have my Mum around to take the photos so I have to put it on a timer and hope for the best. It also started raining so I apologise fo dat.


First things first Ima say all the words inside my head (if you know the song then YAS on you), every time I scroll through Instagram it’s always really skinny people wearing shorts and stuff which makes me annoyed because anyone can wear them. So I am breaking that stereotype by saying that you don’t have to be skinny to wear them I mean look at my thick thighs. I am embracing them and strutting around cause I just don’t care.


So these shorts were actually a pair of jeans that I cut into shorts cause everyone has done that at least once in their life. I know that they’re really really short but I don’t care. I have paired them with an oversized jumper that has Mickey Mouse on it that was actually my Dads but is mine now.


So I have just tucked my jumper in and I am of course wearing a vest underneath because it was cold. I also put on a pair of knee high socks to go over the tights because everyone seems to be doing this and then it also provides my legs with some extra warm. In addition I had to go for my patent black boots because I was going to a sort of grungy 90s vibe (my fave vibe) and they look better than pink floral ones.


I have got my boring regular Topshop coat on as well and my satchel is from Paperchase. I require a big bag wherever I go because I take my camera everywhere and on this day Β I went and sat in a coffee shop for an hour with a cup of tea doing some designing and drawing because I am just that Tumblr.


I think my favourite combination has to be cute lil shorts with something oversized, so a top or a jumper and I am planning on wearing that quite a lot this Spring. I don’t actually own any but I think that this could look super cute with some fishnet tights which seem to be everywhere at the moment.


Dr Martens are always a good idea but I also think that this outfit would go with a pair of baseball boots. I basically prefer boots over shoes for some reason.

If I was feeling super grunge then I would go for a baggy top with a checked shirt to provide some more warmth and then maybe a coat if necessary.

Another thing you could add is a beanie, so I would wear my pale pink one or maybe even my black one.


Towards the later end of Spring when it is super warm I would actually be brave and wear a crop top because they can look really nice with a pair of high waisted shorts. But it would have to be super hot for me to actually do that and I would have to plaster myself in suncream.

Going back to my first point about body confidence, if you don’t feel like you can wear shorts because of your body size Β then I think that you should totally just go for it! Embrace it and don’t listen to anybody else. Step out of your comfort zone.


How do you style shorts in the Spring?


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