Hastings Pier Vintage and Retro Market

I have a new found obsession with vintage markets because it’s like charity shopping but the quality of clothing is a lot better.

On the 5th March there was a market being held on the pier and I should clarify that it was inside of a building and not out in the open. I have been meaning to go to one because they are held like every 3 months but I have always been working which sucks. But not on this day.


I put on a kinda vintage outfit that turned out more grunge and headed out in the wind to the pier. It was very small because it’s only a small room but it was like walking into heaven.


There were boxes filled with old records and clothing rails overflowing with a variety of items of clothing and tables brimming with old antiques. I  tried to take some photos so that I could write this post because I wanted to show you guys but I am not very good with photographing in public and plus my camera is kinda loud but I got a couple.


So as I headed round I fell in love with a lot of the things on display and they were at pretty reasonable prices bearing in mind it was vintage because that stuff can be very pricey. It was all independent stalls which was nice because it displayed such a wide variety of products.


There were some great records on sale and I was so tempted to pick up the Dexys Midnight Runners because Come On Eileen is my all time favourite song but I didn’t even though we have a record player. I kinda regret not buying it now but I’m sure I’ll be able to pick it up in a charity shop or something.


What I loved most was how every stall was unique and selling their own stuff so I would walk past a stall selling jewellery and then the next one is selling vintage dresses and then the next one is selling records and the next one is a random arrangement of clothing. You are bound to find something that you like at them.

I wasn’t necessarily looking for anything in particular but I do want my wardrobe to be more unique and not just boring clothes like it is at the moment!


Whilst browsing I picked up THE FUNKIEST TROUSERS EVER! The pictures aren’t that great but they are high waisted tailored trousers that are orange and black stripes. Okay I know that this may not be everyones cup of tea but they’re so cool! At first I was unsure but the ladies running the stall were lovely and we were talking about what I could wear them with. That’s what I love most about places like this, the people are so unbelievable nice and the lady who was running the stall let me take a picture of the clothes and she even pretended to be browsing the clothes.

Anyway I got these for £15 because she said she brought them for £12 and obviously wanted to make some profit and I thought that that was a right bargain because normally things are a hell of a lot more expensive than that.

I saw a Burberry trench coat for sale for only £35 now that is good! I would have bought it but I didn’t want to spend that much money.

I still don’t know what to wear these with but I’m sure I’ll find something. It was a risk not trying them on but they do fit. However I am a really awkward size so these are rather large around my smallish waist but are kinda tight around my bum and thighs cause they are large in proportion to my waist. But I don’t mind I can still fit into them. They are different to my other trousers because they are straight in the leg as opposed to being skinny so I don’t know whether I would roll them up at the ends or not. They do make my legs look fat but I really don’t care because they are funky af.

Dis is my “I love vintage markets” happy face


Top – Topshop
Shirt – Charity shop (originally River Island)
Jeans – Upcycled Charity Shop Mom Jeans
hoes – Dr Martens
Necklace – H&M
Ear Cuff – New Look
Lipstick – MAC in Diva
Belt – (no idea)


I know this was something different but I want to start going to things like this and different events so that I can write about them because I enjoy going to them and in the end this blog is about writing about the things that I enjoy!


Have you ever been to a vintage market? If so what great things have you picked up?



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