In A Bookworm’s Heaven

I have found my new favourite place ever. And yes it is a bookshop.

You guys may or may not know but I am a huge bookworm and I really love browsing bookshops. They’re literally like whole other worlds and you can get totally lost looking at the hundreds of titles that line the shelves.


So this particular bookshop is in Eastbourne and me and my Mum stumbled upon it whilst exploring some new areas of the town. If I knew the name of it and the street then I would let you know but unfortunately I don’t… sorryy guysss…


I noticed that outside they had bookshelves and boxes filled with books and that is where these outfit photos were taken.


Then inside it was mindblowing and I took a couple of photos on my phone but it was quite and there quite a few people so I didn’t want to take photos on my camera. There were books all the way from the floor to the ceiling and they were very high ceilings!


There was a basements and an upstairs but I didn’t get round to venturing around those. I mean this place was freakin huge!


I did actually pick up one book because I can’t go to a bookshop and not buy a book, lets be real here. So I got On The Road by Jack Kerouac which is one of my favourite books because I love reading about travelling. I have been looking for it EVERYWHERE. Everytime I go into a charity shop I look for it because the copy I read was my Dad’s so I really wanted my very own copy. And it was only Β£2 which is so good seeing as it is a classic!


The thing I really like it how all of these books are secondhand which explains why they are in fact a lot cheaper than retail prices. I love older books because the covers look really old fashioned and you can tell that some of them have been really well read.






So as you can see for once I am not wearing my Topshop coat. This coat is actually from a vintage shop and I believe I have mentioned it in a post before (You can read that post here!) Anyway I never wear it and I don’t know why but it’s very bold and different!


This look is very basic and boring I know but the coat is the main piece! My boots are from Graceland, my jeans are H&M and my top is Forever 21. Finally my handbag is New Look.



What is your favourite book?


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6 thoughts on “In A Bookworm’s Heaven

  1. I love the coat! Bookshops are the best ❀ Have you ever hear of the Hay-on-Wye literature festival? It's in May-June every year and it's a bookworm's dream. The town itself also has over 20 bookshops, so it's well worth a trip at any time of year!

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  2. Great post! This bookshop is soo beautful! I loke that it’s not so “clean” and modern with cold white walls! I would love to go there too! And our coat is amaazing!
    love, elena

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