How I Take and Edit My Blog Photos

I have had quite a few comments asking me what camera I use so I decided why not just show you guys how I take my photo for this blog.

Just a disclaimer that I am in fact no professional photographer, I am just a girl with a fancy camera doing A level photography. It’s just a hobby of mine.

Okay so my blog mainly consists of outfit photos (both taken by me and my Mum) and then flat lays (I think that is the term) for things like my  favourites every month. So I have come up with 3 categories to put these in to break it all down for you guys and I do hope that this is useful for you all! I will also show you my camera and how I edit my photos.

If there is anything you would like to know or see then do not hesitate to let me know. Also be prepared that this is gonna be a long post so you may wanna grab a cup of tea and biscuit.

Also a lot of these photos were taken my phone so sorry for the AWFUL quality!


My Camera:


This is the main question that people ask and I thought I would show my camera before going into more detail about the different types of photos on my blog.

I have a Canon 1100D DSLR camera with two lenses. I don’t know the proper names for them but one is a macro 0.25m lens and the other is a zoom lens 1.5m. I traditionally use the macro lens because it is a lot lighter and I am so used to using it. It’s also smaller which is good if I am going out somewhere. It’s perfect for full body photos because then you don’t need to stand that far away to take the photos.


I don’t use my zoom lens a lot even though I should to get used to it because it is really good. It’s great for looking at detailing on clothing and if you stand really far away and zoom really far in then the background becomes really blurred which has a nice effect. It is easier to use on tripod so that you can keep it steady due to it’s weight. Now that I am talking about it I am going to try and use it more.

I mostly use auto focus because I am lazy and my Mum doesn’t really know much about cameras so she uses auto as well. The only time I will use manual is when doing close ups for things because then I can focus on a particular item as opposed to the camera focusing on what it wants.

I also have a skylight filter over the end of my macro lens just to protect it from being scratched.

I actually got this camera secondhand for a very reasonable price so if you are looking for one then they are easy to pick up!


1. Outfit Photos (taken my by Mum aka my photographer):

Little Black Dress

It is much easier for someone else to take photos of you when you out and about and me and my Mum go out to various places quite a lot so she has just become my photographer.

So I take my camera with me everywhere and I try and wear something different every time we go out so that we can snap some outfit photos. Normally I’ll see somewhere cute our wanderings and I just awkwardly stand and pose for a few minutes.

I am now used to people staring at me so that  doesn’t bother me anymore. I try and get my Mum to take as many photos as possible so that I have a lot to chose from as I usually use about 6 per post. I also think it is good to get both full body ones and then some close up ones of a particular item of clothing and also headshots.

Sometimes you may see that I am in various locations per post and that is  just because sometimes we have time to spare and there are lots of nice places to stand in front of.


2. Outfit Photos (taken by me):

(not edited) Hastings Pier Vintage and Retro Market

There are some cases where I just take the photos myself because I am not going anywhere and I want to show any outfit. In this case I don’t go out anywhere because 1. I don’t own a tripod and 2. it’s looks weird.


So in order to do this I set up the timer on my camera and I have no idea how long it is, I think it’s about 6 seconds and after that it takes 4 photos (I can adjust how many photos I want it to take). I make sure that it is in focus, click the button and run. That’s all there is to it. I usually move so that I have a few to chose from where I am in various poses.

This way takes a while to get an image that I am happy with so normally I do it quite a lot and end up taking about 20 photos and then I’ll only use one. These things just take time.

This is legit my set up :’)

In terms of a background I generally just use my wardrobe because it is plain and lighting is not bad in that part of my room. I don’t have a tripod as I have mentioned and therefore I have to improvise with balancing my camera on a stool on my chair. I should really invest in a tripod.


3. Flat Lays:

February Favourites!

Every blogger and Instagrammer loves a good flat lay.

I don’t do these very often as most of my posts are of clothing but they are good for monthly favourites.


So firstly I chose a nice background which is hard and is generally just my bed because it is plain white. I know loads of bloggers use props but I don’t really fancy spending money on props when I need to save for much more important things. I generally just find things around my room like books or magazines or other cute little trinkets that I seem to accumulate.


I’ll place the “props” on the background and then place the products I am photographing on top of them. I do this when the lighting is good and when the sun is shining through my window so that the photos are bright.


Then I just snap away with my camera, using manual focus to focus on different products and doing lots of different angles until I am happy with the result. This usually doesn’t take me that long because it just doesn’t.


I know that some people spend hours and hours taking photographs but you know, ain’t nobody got time for dat. I don’t think it needs to take that long but I suppose that depends on how good your camera skills are.



The last and most important step is the editing because you can make a good photo look even better!

I have basic knowledge of Photoshop but I actually use Adobe Bridge because my Dad taught me how to use it but you can do exactly the same things in Photoshop.

After (In A Bookworm’s Heaven)

I do exactly the same things to all my photos which is increasing the sharpness, contrast, sometimes brightness, vibrance, and the levels. If they need cropping or straightening then I also do that. As you can see by these photos, editing your photos can really make a difference.

Upcycling Charity Shop Mom Jeans

Sometimes I do collages for the header images and to do this I do actually use Photoshop. I just create a blank canvas the size I want and then open all the photos and rearrange them until I am happy.


As you can tell I am absolutely crap at describing things but I have tried my best and I hope this was useful. Feedback would be great!

If there is anything else that you would like to know about in terms of behind the scenes then do let me know!


How do you take and edit your blog photos?


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