Birthday Adventures in Brighton

I love going to Brighton because each time I go, I find new areas and shops that make me love it more than I do already!

As it was my birthday last Friday (thank you to everyone for the birthday messages, it means a lot!) and I don’t have college that day, me and my wonderful Mum decided to take the train there for the day. I had such a amazing birthday and I didn’t really get any presents but that doesn’t bother me because I would rather have a nice day out than lots of gifts. I did get some money which is helpful but I spent practically nothing because I have everything that I could ever want or need!

I live about an hour away from Brighton and yet I never go there, so it was so nice to go back.

I photographed the whole day and all the funky shops we visited and the food we ate so think of this as vlog but written/ day in the life kinda thing. It will most likely be quite a long post so I hope you stay till the end. I am also going to save my outfit photos for my next post because I loved my outfit so I feel it deserves a whole post to itself!




First things first we headed to the North Laines because they are closest to the station, I absolutely love the lanes because it’s just filled with cute antiques and vintage stuff. Which, as you know, I love!


There was this cute little pop up market between two buildings just filled with secondhand furniture. There was quite a lot of stuff that we wanted to get but obviously we couldn’t due to transport.


I have always wanted to go to Beyond Retro because I follow them on Insta and Facebook and Twitter and basically every social media. It just looks amazing! It’s a huge vintage/retro clothing shop for those who don’t know and I love it so much that I am going to write a whole post dedicated to it! Soooo keep your eyes peeled for that! I picked up a little something as well.


We then headed towards the seafront because we spent a very long time in the laines and while we were heading there we saw this cool pop up thing in the middle of a square that I don’t remember the name of. It was a huge chalk board that said “before I die, I want to…” and then you could write something. I am also going to be annoying and say that I am going to write a whole post about it because I really liked the idea of it. Some people wrote some really funny and stupid things!


We then went to Paperchase on our way down to the seafront. This is our favourite shop and most of my stationary if from there because it’s amazing, a little pricey but great quality. There were some funky glasses so I obviously had to try on these unicorn ones because if you didn’t know I love unicorns. I don’t know why.


By that time we were starving and in need of a coffee so we went to this coffee shop that was slightly near to the seafront but not on the seafront because it suddenly became really windy and cold. My Mum also surprised me with a cute pug cake! I wasn’t expecting it because I thought it was at home but she bought it with her with candles and everything but it was too windy so there’s me pretending to blow them out. We ended up eating the whole cake with our coffees and it was so nice!

For those wondering it’s from Asda


Then to walk off all of that cake we went to the other lanes which I don’t know what they are called. We went into Choccywoccydoodah which you may or may not have heard of. Basically it’s a chocolate shop that does some amazingly detailed sculptures and just everything is chocolate. They have a cafe upstairs but I have never been there before. It’s a very touristy place and was quite busy inside.


We continued wandering around and stumbled upon this shop that just sold rubber ducks. I have no words. It’s such a great idea though and you name it, it was a duck. I picked up the unicorn duck (obviously) and my Mum found a chef duck and there was literally one for every occupation. I love the superhero ones. They were kinda pricey but a great novelty!


Then we continued wandering round the lanes and went into an old sweet shop and Mum wanted me to take a picture of that chocolate bar, I don’t know why. We also passed Boho Gelato which you will have heard off if you are a fan of Zoella. I am definitely going to go there when the weather warms up because by this time it was very cold.

At this point I put my camera away because we walked around Churchill Square which is where all the shops are. I went round all my favourite shops: Pull & Bear, Urban Outfitters, H&M but didn’t get anything because there wasn’t anything that I liked. I did however pick up some funky shoelaces because Dr Martens look better with funky shoe laces.


By this time we were ready for a proper meal that isn’t cake so we went into our favourite food shop in Brighton called Foodilic which is along from Burger King. It’s an all you can eat Β (my favourite places) healthy food shop. So everything is organic and homemade. I had two huge plates of food and OMG it was so delicious. I love healthy food like this but I am too lazy to make it for myself :’)


It was cold and kinda late at this point so we slowly headed back through the other lanes to the station.


I also fell in love with this vintage shop that had a whole floor dedicated to plants. I really like plants and really want to get loads!


This is really random but we went into Snoopers Paradise which is a market place full of antiques and all things vintage and there were some magnifying glasses and I felt the need to make my eye look weird!

After this we caught the train home. So all in all and very successful and fun day!


If you like this type of travel post then let me know cause I would love to do more and if you follow me on Instagram and watch my stories then you will see the fun and exciting places that I go to!


Have you ever been to Brighton before?


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8 thoughts on “Birthday Adventures in Brighton

  1. Looks like you had a super-fun and busy day! The pug cake is very cute πŸ™‚ I have been to Brighton a couple of times and I love it there. Going to the seaside is always fun, the shops are so interesting and there are some great places to eat. Definitely the place for a fun day out! πŸ˜€

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