Too Many Badges But Not Enough Lace

You may think that this is waaaaayyyyyy to many badges to put onto one jacket. Do you know what I say: “The more the merrier!”

In my attempt to develop my own personal style more I have discovered my love for badges and since taking these outfit posts I have purchased three more… On the other hand this top does not contain enough lace for my liking because I love it so much and I think it looks kinda vintage.


Anyway this outfit was what I wore on my birthday on the 17th March and I did a post all about my fun adventures the other day so feel free to check that outΒ HERE. Because we were spending the day in Brighton I wanted to go for a vintage style outfit so a denim jacket and Dr Martens were absolutely necessary.

I know that choker is wonky in these photos and it’s annoying me just as much as it’s annoying you. probably. probably not.



This denim jacket is from George and at first I wasn’t a fan of it because it’s a cropped fitted one and I love all things baggy but I have grown to love it. I have covered Β it in badges and trust me when I say it would take a while to go through where I bought them all from. It can get a bit annoying at times with all the badges but you get used to it.

Next up is this gorgeous top which I actually got from H&M which surprises people. You can’t see but it has baggy sleeves and are tight at the wrists and then have a cute peplum at the cuffs. I love the lace detailing on the front and then the tie.

I am obviously wearing a top underneath so I went for this burgundy crop top from Topshop which I think compliments the top really well.

My black skater skirt is also H&M and it’s still tights weather so I just chucked on some black tights. This top also looks great with a pencil skirt, not to boast or anything.

My shoes are Dr Martens with my different coloured laces which annoy a lot of people which I find highly amusing. I actually bought some new laces on this day out so I have some even cooler ones to wear.

Finally my rucksack is from Paperchase and is like a literal Tardis. I can fit a surprisingly large amount in it!

At my finest


In terms of accessories I am wearing a denim choker that I actually made and am super proud of! I also have a pineapple necklace on from H&M (as you can see I love that shop)

My earrings are hoop ones that my Mum made and I have a piece of ribbon tied in my hair that was on my birthday cake because why the hell not.

I am wearing glitter just by my eyes if you can see because that is something that I have started doing a lot.


As you can see I am very much dressed for Spring because I didn’t wear a coat even though it did get cold in the late afternoon. Even though we have moved on to the next season I thoroughly disagree because as I write this it is chucking it down, it’s freezing cold and extremely. So I’m gonna be wearing my coat for a while more.


I know this might sound odd but I am finally feeling happy with the outfits that I am wearing, like this one for example. I finally feel like I am starting to be more original with my outfits, so expect a lot more uniqueness on ma bloggg



What is something that you wear that no one else does? So for me it’s my badges and glitter!


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