Beyond Retro | Brighton

This shop is like the queen/king of ALL vintage clothing shops.

I have yet another post from my day out to Brighton #sorrynotsorry

Today I wanted to share with you guys my new favourite shop, even though I’ve only been there once I just fell in love. It’s just my perfect shop. I wanted to introduce you to this shop because then you can visit it if you ever go to Brighton or London and then together we can fangirl about how amazing it is. They also have an online store, which if you are a fan of online shopping is great.


So Beyond Retro is a vintage clothing shop and according to their Instagram bio they are also the leading vintage retailer across the UK and Sweden. They have a shop in Brighton (on Vine Street which is in the north laines) and 2 shops in London; one in Soho and one in Cheshire Street. They also have shops in Sweden, so if you live there then lucky you!

I first discovered them on Instagram and have been liking their photos for months now and when I realised that they have one in Brighton I was like “omg I have to go”. That is one of the reason I wanted to go to Brighton for my birthday.

Read MY LAST POST  to see what I was wearing

When you walk into the shop it’s mindblowing. Firstly I didn’t expect it to be so huge and secondly there is so many items of clothing that I was left speechless. They literally  had rails of denim jackets, Levi jeans, dungarees…. I mean I could go on for a very long time. It was organised by both colour and item of clothing and what I loved most was that there wasn’t a separate section for the mens clothing. It was all kinda mixed together which made me very happy because clothes have no gender. They even had stuff all over the walls and mannequins everywhere and yeah.

There was so much stuff there that you are bound to find something that you love!


A lot of it I think is from America because a lot of the tops had American football team (or some other sport) logos on them. And I’m almost certain that Levis is an American brand so basically the USA have great vintage clothing. It’s a place on my bucket list for sure!

They didn’t just do clothes they had accessories as well, some amazing sunglasses and bags! In addition they had some phone cases and chokers and on the counter they had pots of body glitter which excited me very much. For those don’t know, glitter is my new obsession!

Another thing I love about this shop is how nice the staff were, I asked if I could take pictures which they were fine about. I assume a lot of people would take photos because look at it. It’s beautiful. They seemed genuinely happy to work there unlike some people who you see in shops and they all said hello when you walked in. I mean I know a lot of people probably don’t like this but I think it’s nice and welcoming. Furthermore they were useful as well because I spent a very long time trying on shorts and one of the ladies helped me with the sizing. They had music on in the background so they were singing along and it just had such a nice environment and feeling.


This moves me nicely on to what I bought. I could have literally bought most things because I loved it all, however I didn’t. Even though it was my birthday so I had money I didn’t get any clothing. I did buy this adorable unicorn patch which I am planning on putting on a top or jacket when I find the perfect one. It was £5 which is a little expensive but I had to buy something. Okay I didn’t but I really wanted to.

This post would be better if I actually bought some clothing…


I was searching for a pair of Levi vintage jean shorts. You’ve probably seen them on Instagram and Tumblr because they are so cute. I love how they’re high waisted but slightly baggy because tight fitting shorts are just annoying. I am a very awkward size so even after trying on like 3 pairs I couldn’t find one that was the right fit and that I actually liked. So that sucks but I’ll probably go back in the summer and pick up a pair.

I also tried on a cute yellow top that had been cut so it was cropped and as a fan of yellow it was perfect. Aside from the price tag. It was £15 which I think is a bit pricey so I’m sure I could find something similar in the charity shop because that patch would look so cute on a yellow top. I don’t have any photos of the stuff I tried on, sorry.


So overall, best. shop. ever.

If you are a vintage lover then I would highly recommend that you go!


If you have already been then let me know so we can rant about how amazing it is!


Are you a lover of vintage clothes?


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