March Favourites and Recap!

The fact that it gets darker later and it’s being to warm up just makes me so happy!

I can’t believe that we are a quarter through the year!!!!!!!

March. What a month it has been.

It has been so unbelievably hectic and I’m so glad that it’s over.  So much has happened and my brain just can’t cope. I have so much going on at college, so much coursework to do, so much revision to do, trying to sort out my new job, driving theory to learn and blog posts to write. All I can say is I have struggled this month but I trying to remain positive and keep on moving.

On the other hand it was my birthday this month so I am now not sweet 16 but sweet 17 which isn’t really a thing but I don’t care. I know it’s not that old but the future is beginning to scare me cause I can learn to drive and I’m starting to think about university. I’m just not ready for all of these adult responsibilities.

Things on my blog haven’t been so great this month because I wasn’t happy with my content so I have started to change things up and I’m uploading less, so views have decreased and followers. But you know what, that’s okay because numbers don’t mean anything. Getting my thoughts out onto paper that isn’t paper is kinda therapeutic, so Ima carry on. I have lots of posts planned for next month which is exciting!

I am excited for what April will bring because I have my Easter holiday which doesn’t sound as exciting as Spring Break which is what they have in America. Aside from working loads and doing college mocks and drowning in coursework, I am looking forward to the warmer weather and rocking my super cool sunglasses.

Before I get onto my favourites.. I have decided to do something different because my other monthly favourites were kinda boring because I wear the same make up every month and use the same products. So from now on it’s gonna be more random because that is me. Enjoy!




  1. Beauty and The Beast

I went to see this for my birthday  because the animation is up there with one of my favourite Disney movies and Emma Watson is just QUEEN (second to Beyonce… obvs) and it came out on my birthday so it was fate. I never go to the cinema as it’s majorly overpriced but this was an exception.

Anyway this was the best film ever! It’s replicated the animation perfectly and changed very very little and it’s just such a beautiful film. I may have even cried a little at the end when the last petal falls off the rose because it’s just so sad. Emma Watson is perfect for Belle and her voice is stunning and she is even more stunning and yeah. Go watch it because it’s amazing.



2. Naked Smoothies

This is my attempt at being healthy because I have eaten so badly this month but that’s okay. So I have started drinking these occasionally because not only are they good for you but they taste good. They are pretty expensive but I get them cheaper at my college canteen.

Even though they contain a lot of sugar it is all natural sugars from the fruit. Taste good, feel good.

They do a few flavours but I normally get the green one.



3. Melanie Martinez 

A friend introduced me to her album and I fell in love immediately. Her music so unbelievably unique and unlike anything I have heard before. If I had to put it under one music genre then I would say electronic pop and her lyrics are very unique as well.

I highly recommend you check her out but I also feel as though she’s a marmite artist. So you will either love or hate her. Let me know if you like her stuff and I think my favourite would have to be Dollhouse.



4. Nickelback

I feel as though I am gonna get so judged for this one because for some reason everyone hates Nickelback. I don’t understand though because I freaking love them. They’re songs are so catchy and I don’t know why I love them but I do.

Last week when I was sitting in my college library revising I spent the whole time listening to them and I thoroughly enjoyed myself not gonna lie. If you like them as well then I would be very interested to know and if you don’t like them then good for you.



5 and 6. My denim jacket and BADGES

This is a two in one thing.

Firstly is this denim jacket. I have worn it so much this month because it looks cute and goes with absolutely every outfit. Well most of them. I really want to get another baggy one as this one is cropped and fitted but I don’t mind. It is from George and used to be my Mums but not anymore… hehe….

Secondly is badges. I don’t know why or how but in the last month I seem to have accumulated quite a lot of them and I even have more that aren’t on this jacket right now. Most of them are from Paperchase. I decided I needed somewhere to show them all off so I just stuck them on this jacket and I think they look super cute.


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What things have you been loving this month? What exciting things have you got planned for April?


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