All The Pastel Colours

Now that it is warming up it’s time to put away all the black colours and bring out the colourful ones!

Ahaha just kidding. I shall still be wearing my black skinny jeans when it is like 25 degrees.

However on this particular day when the sun was shining I felt like wearing some colour and I loved it!

Okay so this isn’t the worlds most colourful outfit but that’s not the point.


On this day we went for a walk to Old Town Hastings and through all the fishing boats and along the sea because it was the most beautiful day ever! Sunglasses were definitely required and I actually had no need to wear my coat which is a first because I love wearing coats. I’m surprised I didn’t get sunburnt because I burn so easily that it’s actually unfair.

I’m so glad that April is here and the sun shall be shining and all shall be glorious! I really would love to go for walks like this all the time but it sucks when you are drowning in your own college coursework. Literally.

Anyway lets move onto the outfit…


First things first is my pastel green shirt which is not mine. My Dad gave it to me cause he knows how much I love my oversized shirts and it’s perfect for this type of weather because it is kind of thick so it’s keeps me warm. I have no idea what brand it is as he bought it from a market in Thailand that apparently said it was Levis but it’s actually a rip off Levis one.

Next is my top which funnily enough is actually a t-shirt dress that I wore all the time last summer. I’m pretty sure I’m wearing it in loads of posts when I first started blogging (like these posts:Β Wearing Something Different For A ChangeΒ and Small Shopping Spree). It’s from H&M and it’s shrunk a wee bit in the wash so it’s quite short which I don’t like so I have just tied it to make a slightly cropped top. You would have never guessed it was a dress if I hadn’t told you.

Then I am wearing my favourite upcycled charity shop mom jeansΒ that are kinda pastely but not really. Ima just pretend they are because I painted the back pockets in cute pastel colours but you can’t see it in these photos. I love these because they’re comfortable and cute and what more would you want in a pair of trouser, eh?


On my feet are my pink floral Dr Martens which used to be pink but have faded so much due to the sunlight so are now a fleshy colour. This sounds gross I know but it makes them look more vintage. The only thing I don’t like about the warmer weather is that it becomes to hot to wear these boots because my feet get really hot in them. Dr Marten wearers out there will feel my pain.

Moving on is my satchel which is from Paperchase, and I love the cute floral pattern on the flap. If you are looking for a bag that will last you, then I would highly recommend that you go to Paperchase because this baby has lasted me like 4 years and still hasn’t broken! They’re slightly pricey but it is worth the price trust me.


My earrings are from somewhere that I don’t know cause they were my Mums. I love the vibrant orange colour which perfectly fits with my colourful(ish) outfit. Statement earrings are a huge trend right now so I am sort of jumping on that band wagon.

My choker is from Topshop and is the only colourful one that I wear hence why I chose it. I love the aztec pattern on it because this outfit is very plain so it adds a little pattern to it.


So that’s what my hair looks like from the back…

Saving the best for last is my freakin sunglasses. These bad boys were purchased in Brighton at a market and I love them so much. They’re so unbelievably me, if that makes sense. I love the frames and the colour of the lenses because they are so different from any other pair of sunglasses that I have seen about. The vintage style of them works well with my my booties, in my opinion.

I also just through my hair in a bun cause it was windy and that is all I have to say about that.



Do you break out the colourful clothing in Spring or just stick with black?


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