Art Adventures In London

If you want to educate yourself in the world on art then London is the place to go. There is so many amazing museums and exhibitions that you can go to.

I Β have decided to do another travel style post as my last one (Birthday Adventures in Brighton) went down really well and I recently went to London.

I went the other week with my photography class at college for the day so that we could go and see lots of exhibitions basically. I quite like these photographs so I thought that I would show y’all.

If you ever find yourself in London then there’s so many great cultural places to go and most of them are free entry, so what more could you want! I am not a huge art lover but I would really like to be one. It’s nice going to places like this with other art lovers (aka my friends) Β because they actually get what’s going on unlike myself…

I actually went on another trip like this last December and I wrote a post about that trip as well:Β London Art Stuff

Anyway moving on to the day!


Firstly we took the very very very long train journey to London Victoria and then the tube to a stop that I don’t remember.


The first museum was the Royal Academy of Arts where the exhibition at that time was about artists in Russia and the Revolution. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to photograph anything so I am sorry about that. There was so many amazing pieces of artwork and I particularly like the work of Kandinksy who I hadn’t heard of until going to see some of his work. There was loads of other pieces that really reflected what time was like during that period in Russia which I found to be quite interesting and people often use art as a way of expressing their emotions and telling stories as well.

Also what really baffles me as well is what people consider to be classed as art. For example there was someone who just painted squares on a canvas and it is deemed as art. Not saying this is wrong or a bad thing but it’s cool that art is such a broad thing and that anything can be classed as art.


Here is some artistic shots of London looking beautiful as per.


Next we trekked all the way to Trafalgar Square to visit the National Portrait Gallery, where we were only given 45 minutes to look around. Therefore me and my friend whizzed around for a bit before sitting down and eating where we got told off for eating. Portraits don’t really interest me as much so this wasn’t that interesting to look at, if I am totally honest.


We hopped onto the tube again and went somewhere else that I don’t remember so that we could walk to the Tate Modern. The weather was really nice on this day but it was weird cause half the sky was black and the other was blue.

Just gonna say at this point that we were in central London quite close to Westminster where the terrorist attack took place the day after we went. Even though it was the day after it still scares me that it could have happened the day we went. I don’t like the fact that we live in a world where I get genuinely scared anytime I go somewhere in case something like this happens.


Anyway moving on… The Tate was our last museum of the day and we basically went around all the exhibitions so I have a lot of photos to show. There is some amazing and amazingly famous pieces of art in this museum like there’s a Monet painting and some Picasso work as well. There is other that you may recognise as well but I am not great when it comes to identifying artists and their work.

Would highly recommend a trip here to anyone out there as it’s in central London and it’s free and there’s some great art here.


By this time my feet were killing me and I was so glad to get on the train and basically sleep till I got home. Overall it was a marvellous day and I feel like I educated myself in the world of art a bit more and from now on I would really like to visit more art galleries and stuff.

On this trip I also picked up three badges to add to my evergrowing collection on my denim jacket to expect to see those soon.


If you like posts like this then let me knowwwwwwww


Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Are you guys fans of art?


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