Standing Out From The Crowd

Instead of chucking on some high waisted jeans, I saw these shorts and this shirt and was like “screw it, I’m gonna be different”


I have my days where I really feel like putting on something bold and different and apparently today was one of those days, which really inspired me to write this post about standing out from the crowd and being different!

The weather recently has been amazing and on this day I went to beach with my friend which was of course the perfect opportunity for some outfit photos. I actually ended up sunburning my face a little bit… even though it’s only April. It sucks.


Anywayyyy whilst deciding what to wear which takes me while lets be real here, I saw these shorts and decided that the shorts and tights trend really needs to come back because it was great. I always wore it when I was like 12 so now I am always gonna wear it now that I am 17. Also now that I go running a couple of times a week, I like my legs a lot more (that sounds Β kinda weird… I know) so I don’t mind wearing shorts where as a couple of years ago I hated wearing shorts!

I really like tying tops in a knot so I put on this shirt as it is kinda thin and tied it in the front. I finally put on my heeled boots that have different coloured laces on and I even got complimented on them which I thought was so sweet and it made my day.


To be honest, I got quite a few stares. But you know what, I don’t care because I am happy wearing this. I would so much rather be happy with what I was wearing than other people being happy with what I am wearing and me not being happy. Do you get me?

You look around nowadays and see everyone wearing exactly the same things and then there’s me standing out from the crowd, and I really like that. I like being the one who wears glitter on her face. I like being the one with the different coloured laces even though it annoys everyone. I like being the one to wear mens clothes (this shirt is a mens).


I feel like people have this fear of being different to others so they act and wear the same as others to fit in. You have to think, is this making you happy? If it’s not then why do it?

I have a short story to say that isn’t fashion related but this still relevant. So the other night I went out with some friends and some friends of friends and we were just drinking and talking. I only drunk a little because I had to walk home where as the others were drinking a lot. I didn’t know a few of the people but they kept asking why I wasn’t drinking and kept offering me drinks which I kept declining. I ended up going home early cause I was tired and had been working all day but I was kinda upset on that walk home because I felt like I didn’t fit in with them because I didn’t want to drink. But then I realised that it was a stupid thing to be upset about because you don’t have to drink to have fun and secondly it’s okay to be different to the rest. Plus you always need that one person to take the drunk people to Mcdonalds to sober them up which is a true story and I ended up doing just that.


Moving back to fashion I feel like we need to promote being different and being unique. If you wanna wear those shoes even though people don’t like them then just strut right on past them. Just because the rest of society doesn’t wear it, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t wear it.

One reason people don’t do this is that they have this fear of being judged and we are all guilty of having this fear. You may think people are gonna judge you but trust me, they won’t. I have never had any say anything bad about what I have worn, in real life, on this blog, on Instagram or anything. If anything I get people saying really nice things that they like what I wear which encourages me to carry on wearing weird things.


If someone is judging you then they are most likely jealous that they can’t pull off a super cute outfit that you are wearing. You shouldn’t have to live in fear of this, so go out and stand out from the crowd!

I have decided that I really want to promote being different so expect a lot of it on my blog! If you wear something different and you stand out then tag me in a photo on Instagram because I would love to see your outfits!!!


Outfit details:

Boots – Graceland
Shoelaces – Clarks
Shirt – (not mine, it was my Dad’s)
Shorts – Charity shop (originally Topshop)
Choker – New Look
Tights – Primark


Are you one to stand out from the crowd? Β Have you ever had that fear that someone was gonna judge you based on what you wear?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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9 thoughts on “Standing Out From The Crowd

  1. About not drinking – I didn’t drink throughout my teenage years, or at university – and I still don’t really drink now – maybe a couple of times a year, if that. I was happy to be the designated driver and my friends were happy that they didn’t have to drive, so it worked out well! I was afraid of being drunk and also disliked most alcoholic drinks (still do!), plus alcohol is bloody expensive! It sucks when people question and judge you for certain behaviours that are really none of their business. But that kind of negative judgement says more about the people judging you than it does about you! I think it’s great that you are celebrating your uniqueness and individuality – both for its own sake and the fact that you are less likely to be pressured into doing anything that you believe is wrong or uncomfortable. P.S. Your outfit looks fierce! πŸ™‚

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  2. I recently have been experimenting with the way in which i dress whether its adding color socks to a coordinated outfit so they can pop out or wearing 3 different colors that of course include jeans whether its ripped or is both ripped with leggings underneath, idk the feel is really free as if i can just be more myself and be more comfortable to do just about anything i love it!! Btw your shoes are so cute i love the pop of color on the laces and how they’re both different but somehow bring the outfit to life!!

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