The Outfit That I Will Never Wear Again

Everybody has something that they wore once but will never wear again, either for a good reason or a bad reason

Let me explain.  There may be a top you wore to a party that looked super cute but you split something all down it so you will never be wearing that again. Or you wore an amazing dress for an event and had such a great time that it will never be special the second time you wear it.

For me it was my prom dress. I’m sure this was the same reason for a lot of you.

So I have chosen to write about this because Elle are holding their annual writing competition and you have to write a 500 word memoir about The Outfit You Will Never Wear Again and the deadline is tomorrow. I quite enjoy writing so I decided to give it a shot knowing that the chance of me becoming a finalist is highly unlikely. But if you never try then you’ll never know which is something I want to emphasise you all today.

I am actually quite proud of what I have written and I know it’s quite informal but I write how I talk and I try and add a wee bit humour even though I’m not overally funny. Anyway I would to know your thoughts on it and who knows I may even become a finalist.

Here is also some of my prom photos so you get an idea about what the outfit really looked like. I also did a post about it which was my third (I think) post on this blog so feel free to check that out: A Night To Remember | Make Up & Outfit


Your secondary school prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity.

For 16 year old girls it’s the most important thing in their lives because it gives them an excuse to show off their dates and their dresses which they spent hundreds of pounds on. I was very different. Firstly I didn’t have a date and I didn’t pay for my dress.

Instead of spending my non-existent money on a dress I decided to wear Mum’s bridesmaid dress which was gathering dust in Nan’s attic for many a year. At the time it didn’t fit. I was literally sucking in as much as possible but those buttons would not do up. I loved this dress so much that I was determined I was going to fit into it. At this point I had about a year till prom.

I came to the conclusion that I would have to lose some weight and be like every other girl in my year running miles on the treadmill and doing all those ab exercises.

Let’s be real, how hard is it to stop eating biscuits and cake?

Well it’s very hard.

It was a couple of months before the prom and those darn buttons were still not doing up. It was time for a pep talk (from both me and Mum). I must fit into this dress because firstly it was perfect and secondly it was far too late to go out and buy one.

You may be thinking “It’s only a dress”. But let me tell you my friend this was more than a dress. Imagine Belle’s famous stunning yellow dress from Beauty and the Beast but in a forest green. As a HUGE Disney fan, I had to go to my prom dressed as a princess.

On the day of the prom, I finally fitted into this dress after many attempts to stop eating rubbish food.  My hair had been nicely curled to look like Belle’s and my make up was done. I literally looked and felt like a Disney princess because go big or go home right?

I was able to do up the dress completely but it was a very tight fit. If I am honest I was struggling to breathe just a little, but darn it, did I look good. It was such a snug fit that I could barely sit down for the meal let alone actually eat it so I sat there and stared at it. I was literally counting down the minutes until I could undo those buttons, that were holding me in like a well pulled tight corset, and get into some really baggy clothing.

Was it worth losing that weight and not being able to breathe? Yes. Yes it was because I fulfilled my lifelong dream of becoming a Disney princess even if it was only for three hours. And who knows I may even do it all over again on my wedding day.


Prom was less than a year ago for me but it felt like so long ago as my life has changed so much in the last year. It was also a very big day for me as it was one of the last times that I saw a lot of my secondary school friends before I moved to the other side of the country.

It’s also making me miss my long hair even more than I do at the moment because I don’t like it short anymore 😦


Anywayyyyy… what is the one outfit that you will never wear again?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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3 thoughts on “The Outfit That I Will Never Wear Again

  1. Gorgeous outfit! You definitely do look like a disney princess here 😀 I love the dress, its my favourite colour 🙂
    I agree my prom dress is most likely the outfit I’d never wear again haha, I think the only way I’d get away with wearing it again is if I got it taken up so it was shorter and wear it as a more formal dress maybe haha.


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