Coachella Trends 2017

As well as being a huge famous music festival, Coachella is also famous for it’s fashion!

I KNOW that Coachella hasn’t finished yet as it’s a two weekend festival but I’m gonna post this anyway.

It is one my bucket list to go to Coachella because it looks like the best festival in the whole entire world and I envy anyone who gets to go and it’s all I have talked about this weekend. It just looks like so much fun and I love music and have never been to a festival and yeah. A girl can dream. Even though I’ve never heard of a lot of people on the lineup, I don’t think that it ever matters because it’s about discovering new acts and the experience.

Anyway on my Instagram and Twitter, that’s all I have seen pictures of because I follow a lot of famous people on there and they all go. So basically I have seen a hell of a lot of outfit posts so I decided to make a post to showcase what I think are the biggest trends from the festival and to also make everyone else sad that they’re not there. We’re all in this together guys.


Disclaimer: none of these photos are mine, they’re from Google.

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1. Statement sunglasses

Sunglasses have gotten so much cooler with loads of people rocking ones that really stand out. This year it seems to be all about huge ones that look kind of like ski goggles and that have coloured lenses so that you can still people’s eyes. I’m sure you know the ones I’m on about.



2. Off the shoulder

This is a thing that started last year and people have not yet moved on from it this year. It’s all about those tops and dresses that show off your shoulders with the cute lil ruffle as well. Just make sure you don’t burn your shoulders!



3. Fringe

Is is really Coachella without fringe? It’s a festival classic and also something that never seems to go out of fashion. I’m not a huge fan of it myself but some people look amazing in it.



4. Bralettes

These are everywhere this season and so many shops have started selling them so they were obviously going to be seen lots at the festival this year. They are perfect for this time of year as you won’t get too hot in them.



I love the girl on the lefts (Sierra Furtado) outfit!!!

5. Sheer fabric

Another huge trend that can be seen everywhere and I think that it’s perfect for Coachella because they act as a cute cover up and I don’t imagine you would get very hot in them because they are thin. They look so freakin cute and I really want to find a nice sheer top and get it.



6. Denim

Like with fringe, denim is a classic. I would say that majority of people wear denim shorts at least one day of the festival weekend. Furthermore dungarees are back so now that’s everywhere as well. Pair  a pair with a flower crown and you’re all set.



7. Lace/ crochet fabric

This is perfect for festivals because it’s thin and therefore you hopefully won’t over heat and plus it looks super cute. Those crochet tops are everywhere at the moment and if I had a flatter chest then I would wear one but I don’t so that sucks.



8. Leg slits

It would appear that maxi skirts are back in even though they’ve probably always been in. However these ones have the added twist of a slit that goes all the way to your waist which I guess is perfect for dancing and keeping cool. I’ve also seen a lot of sheer fabric maxi skirts on Instagram.



9. Metallic

Ultimate mermaid vibes right here. This is yet another thing that I have seen in the shops but you generally just see silvers and golds, but apparently people are wearing other colours as well. Glitter is another thing that adds to the mermaid vibes of this years festival.



10. Metallic mirrored tops

This links in with the last one but mirrored metallic tops seem to be a thing. I actually think they look quite nice and they are certainly very different to everything else. And because it’s like always sunny there, you’ll reflect all the light and it will look all pretty.


What were your favourite trends from Coachella this year (even though it’s not over yet)?


Hope you’re having a wonderful day!



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