The Levi 501s

The 501s. The original Levi jeans. One day I will own my own pair.

You’re probably like “what? you’re wearing a pair?”. Good observation. These are actually my Mums… which is why it’s great that we are the same size because I can fit into these! Actually they’re a wee bit big round the waist but nothing a belt can’t solve.

Anyway I love these jeans so much that I thought I would write a whole post about them.


Levi Strauss were the first company to invent the blue jeans and that was in 1873. They created  unique blue jeans with the iconic straight fit and the button fly and they were made to last.

I totally agree with that last bit because my Mum bought these about 20 years ago and they are still going strong. Well she did rip one of the knees but as you can see she repaired it by placing a piece of denim underneath. Then on the other knee there is a very small rip because I may have accidently ripped a small hole in it the morning before… But surprisingly my Mum is totally okay with the fact I ripped a hole in them… I did repair them… and they look more vintage now.


These particular jeans are the 501 Selvedge jeans for women and they are the tidewater style. There are a couple of other styles that they do in the original 501 style but I think these are my  favourite.

When I was talking to my Mum about these jeans  she said that she only paid £25 for them which was a lot of money then. Now they are priced at £110!!!!! Holy guacamole that’s pricey! Which sucks because I want to get my very own pair. However they quite clearly last a very long time so they are worth the money.

Aside from looking good these trousers are so unbelievably comfortable and it’s always great when jeans look good and feel good.


I decided to pair these with a pair of fishnet tights as I was feeling kinda 90s today and this is my best attempt at looking vintagey. I love the whole 90s vibe at the moment and especially mom jeans.

I paired these with a crop top so that you can kind of see the tights above the jeans. I also put on some fake Vans because the weather is warming up so it’s too hot for Dr Martens. Finally the 90s look isn’t complete without a checked shirt!

The rip on the right was me…

As you can tell it was very windy so excuse the shirt flying everywhere :’)

Also another thing I wanted to say was that yes you can see my stomach rolls and I don’t care because everyone has rolls when they sit down. Just a little something that I wanted to point out to everyone.

Another thing please ignore the scars on my legs.


So if any of you were thinking of getting some vintage Levis then it’s a good investment to make!


Outfit details:

Shirt – charity shop (originally River Island)
Top – New Look
Tights – New Look
Jeans – Levis
Shoes – New Look



Do you guys own a pair of Levis or are they on your wishlist?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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