Reasons Why I Hate Society

Society sucks, right?

Anyone else agree with me?

This is not fashion related but I’m feeling crappy so I’m hoping that a rant will get some stuff off my chest. It probably won’t but a girl can try.


I hate that there is so much hatred in this world. You listen to the news nowadays and all it is is someone who has died or a terrorist attack or politics (which I hate). I just don’t understand why people are so horrible to each other. Violence doesn’t solve anything, it just makes things so much worse and in turn more and more people turn against each other.

Obviously this is something that can never be changed and probably will never be changed but I just wish that people would stop turning against each other. I hope that one day I listen to the news and they’re praising someone for something instead of saying where there’s been an attack or something. Where is the love, people? (think of the Black Eyed Peas song)


I hate how negative people are which kinda links in with my last point. People have such a tendency to pick out your flaws, and then they tell the world about them by posting it as a comment on Instagram or Twitter or something. That horrible comment will stick in that persons head no matter how many compliments they receive.

So let me tell you a story. Since last summer I decided that I wanted to be called Indi as opposed to India which is my actual name. In year 7 I had SO many people make fun of my name because it’s a country. I’ve literally heard all the jokes. I’ve been called “china”, “africa” and even “curry”. There was also one time when someone said “hey India, how’s China?”. This was years ago but I will never forget that despite that fact I have had so many people (mainly adults)  tell me what a pretty name it is and how unique it is. I was so worried about people making fun of it when I moved to start college that I just decided it would be easier to call myself Indi and I actually prefer it now. People don’t realise how much one small joke can actually really hurt someones feelings. I never really said this story to anyone because I always thought I was overacting but I wanted to share it anyway.

Everybody has flaws. Nobody is perfect. But that doesn’t mean you point out that someone’s stomach isn’t flat because firstly it may be something that they’re really insecure about and secondly why does it matter? Why does everyone have to have a flat stomach? That’s just an example.

I have learned to embrace things I used to once hate about myself and I am very happy that I have never actually received hate but there’s so many people out there who have and I think it’s so wrong. It’s stupid comments that people write that make people unhappy and anxious.


I hate stereotypes. Things to do with gender, race, religion. Anything. This also kinda links to hate in a way.

Just because I am a girl it apparently means that I belong in a kitchen and I can’t do things that boys do. That’s complete rubbish. I used to be a Scout (if you don’t know what it is then I don’t know how to explain it) but it was a group primarily made up of boys but it interested me so I joined. A lot of people were surprised when I said I did it and I loved it and it taught me loads of things. I hate how everything is genderised. Just because I am a girl it doesn’t mean I walk around in high heels and dresses. I hate heels and would much rather be wearing a mens shirt and a pair of Doctor Martens.


I hate how society tells you what is right and what is wrong. For example on Snapchat they have those news article things on the discover page and they’re always saying things like “6 things you should be doing but you’re not” or “trends you need to follow now”. Errrrr I don’t think so. I can do what I want (within reason, obviously) and I can wear whatever the hell I want. I’m not gonna listen to some news article. Just because everyone else is wearing *insert item of clothing in here* it doesn’t mean that I have to.

Then you get those people that send you hate because you’re not doing what society considers a norm. I can’t think of any examples but you probably get what I am trying to say.  It’s like people actually enjoy upsetting people so they pick them up for the smallest and pettiest things.


I hate that people almost live in fear of being judged because of society. This is something that I have said in previous posts because it kinda sums this whole rant up. People stay firmly inside of their comfort zone because they think they will be judged. People don’t break stereotypes because they think they will be judged. People pick apart other people’s flaws because they think everyone should be doing what everyone else is doing and they also have nothing better to do with their lives.

Please just don’t.

We need to stop listening to society. You guys go out and wear whatever the hell you want to wear. You go out and listen to whatever music you want to. You girls go out and do something that is considered a boys thing (and vice versa).  You post whatever picture you want to on Instagram and embrace your flaws because everyone has them.  Comment on that person’s photo how great they look instead of picking on them. Compliment people for being brave and stepping out their comfort zone.

Hopefully you get what I am trying to say. This is something I really want to promote on this blog: uniqueness.


I apologise for this long ranty post that probably makes no sense but I had a lot to say  and I feel a little better actually. There’s probably more reasons that I will think of in a few days and get annoyed that I didn’t put them in this post. Who knows, there may be a part 2 one day.

Hope you guys are all having a wonderful day and I appreciate every comment on this blog or on an Insta photo etc etc.


What do you guys hate about society?


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12 thoughts on “Reasons Why I Hate Society

  1. Ahhh I totally get you! I feel so frustrated by so many ‘Britain First’ people, who harbour an ‘us’ and ‘them’ attitude to people that are different to them and those against globalisation, they will let people that are different to them suffer >< and Theresa May taking from the poor and leaving the rich, I would happily give as much as I can to maintain the NHS and she doesn't seem bothered 😦 xx

    elizabeth ♡ ”Ice Cream” whispers Clara
    (lets follow each other on bloglovin or instagram)

    Liked by 1 person

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