April Favourites and Recap!

Okay so we are already a third through the year! Say whattttt?!?!

This month has flown by which is terrifying.

I basically had a 3 week Easter holiday this month which I spent drowning in coursework and revision and from this I have learnt that I don’t deal that well with stress and it makes me extremely anxious. This is definitely something I need to work on as I have more mocks in June.

One of my new years resolutions was to stay on top of my college work and I definitely say that I have failed that and I have SO MUCH coursework to do in a very short amount of time. But lets be real here, what student is actually on top of their work? (If you are then I applaud you).

Aside that it’s been a pretty good month, the weather has been glorious. Aside from the last few days of April showers but it was so sunny a few weeks ago that I actually managed to sunburn my face which sucks. This is why I hate being pale.

I have actually been really happy with the content on my blog this month and I have a lot of posts planned for next month. I much prefer posting less often even though views have gone down a wee bit but I don’t blog for the views sooooo…. yeah.

Here is what random things I have been loving this month:


Fishnet tights

I actually did a post about my fishnet tights this month and a link to that will be at the end of this post if you want to check it out. I just love how cute they look and everyone is wearing them at the moment! However mine have already ripped and I have worn them 3 times. However talking to my other fishnet tight loving friend, she said hers rip all the time so it’s not just my pair which is good. I guess you just have to be careful when you wear them. I really want to get a pair of fishnet socks next.



Dot Creates – The Ultimate Blog Planner

I freaking love this planner. I actually won this in a giveaway which surprised me a lot because I never win things. Anyway it’s amazing! I feel so much more organised with my blog posts because you can write notes about what you are going to write and then tick off when you’ve done the words and the photos. It just keeps me on track and gives me somewhere to write down all my ideas. Would highly recommend that you get a planner if you blog!




I am so late to the party on this one but I love Clueless! I watched it the first time last summer and again last week cause I was feeling kinda down and I remembered it was a good film. I just love it so much because who would not want to be at high school in the 90s?! I love the 90s and cheesy american high school films so I was obviously going to love this! I did this drawing of Cher and I am pretty proud of it despite it being my second attempt at drawing it because the first attempt looked awful.



Vivienne Westwood

I read her biography this month which literally took me ages but it was amazing. If you don’t know who she is then I shall tell you: she is Β a very famous fashion designer who is well known for start the punk age in the 60s and 70s and is still continuing to design to this day. She is just an extraordinary woman who has had such an amazing life! She has been through a lot as well but I love how unique her pieces are and how she does everything her way and was never about the money, she just wanted to create amazing clothes. I probably going to write a whole post on her because she is queen.


Pretty Little Liars

PRETTY LITTLE LIARS HAS RETURNED AND I AM SO HAPPY!!! I am the only one out of my friend group who watches it so I have no one to talk to about it which sucks. I just love it so much, it’s an amazing show and I can’t wait to find out who is A.D in the end. I have no idea who it could be though. I really want to start watching it from the start again because I just love it so much.



Skin – Rag’N’Bone Man

I have a new obsession with this song. I don’t know why but I heard it and was like “omg this is amazing” and since that day I have been listening to this on repeat and I sing it all the time. I feel sorry for my neighbours. He has such an amazing voice and I also love his other song Human which you will have most likely heard.


Doctor Who

Just remembered this! I love it. It’s the best. The new season is amazing and I am loving the new companion. Β I have loved this show since 2005 and will never stop loving it.


All my posts this month:

  1. All The Pastel Colours
  2. Art Adventures In London
  3. Before I Die, I Want To…
  4. Standing Out From The Crowd
  5. Fishnet Tights | Trying Something New
  6. The Outfit That I Will Never Wear Again
  7. Coachella Trends 2017
  8. The Levi 501s
  9. Reasons Why I Hate Society


What have you been loving this month???

Hope you are having a lovely day!


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