Upcycling A Tie Dye Top

So instead of donating this kinda boring tie dye top, I decided to upcycle into something funky that I will wear all the time.

After clearing out my wardrobe (or should I say floordrobe) I found this top which I haven’t worn in like forever. Β This was my Dad’s but he gave it to me as he no longer wore it, and he actually tie dyed it himself and I just love the colours and patterns on it. I was going to put it into my charity shop but then I had to idea to turn it into something that I know that I will actually wear and upcycling my own clothes is something that I really want to do more of. So I decided to photograph the process and show you guys how easy it is to create something funky out of something kinda boring.

My plan was to cut it into a crop top as the weather is slightly warming up and then iron on a cool patch, which didn’t quite go to plan the first time… you’ll see what I mean in a bit.


This was the original top which let be real is kinda boring. I love oversized tops but this just bored me a bit.


So I firstly put it on and then drew a line at the length I wanted to cut it and then used a ruler to ensure this line was actually straight. I was also watching Doctor Who because it is the best TV show ever!


Then I cut below that line because if it’s still too long then you can always cut it longer but you can never make it longer again. Would recommend this if any of you are planning a top shorter. This turned out to be the perfect length so I didn’t cut it any shorter. You can also sew a hem along the bottom but I like how the raw edge looks and I know that this fabric won’t fray either.


Next was the interesting part of the patch. Even know I do textiles I have never ironed on a patch. I bought this cute letter patch and I had the iron on a low temperature and used a piece of fabric but it wasn’t sticking. Sooooo I stupidly took away the fabric and the patch melted and kinda got stuck on the iron… and a lot of it is still on there…. so learn from my mistakes guys and USE A PIECE OF FABRIC! I then decided to use this adorable unicorn patch that I got fromΒ Beyond RetroΒ and I used a high temperature on the iron which seemed to work.


So this is the finished result and I freakin love it! I am well aware that it’s pretty cropped but I quite like that. I have paired it with a skater skirt in these photos but I would and have also worn it with a pencil skirt and you could also pair it with some high waisted jeans. I am so happy with this and I shall be wearing it all the time so expect to see it loads on my Instagram and on here.

I highly recommend that you guys upcycle some of your old tops because you can totally transform it into something amazing and it’s affordable as patches aren’t too expensive. This could totally be a brand new top even though it’s not.


Have you ever upcycled any of your old tops?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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