The Doodle Shirt

I love it when you go through your wardrobe and then you come across something you haven’t worn in forever.

This shirt used to be my Dads but he gave it to me ages ago. Now it may surprise you that I actually don’t like pink so I wanted to jazz this up a bit last summer when I had nothing better to do for 2 months.

So I of course headed to Tumblr for some inspiration and at this time I was absolutely obsessed with it and would spend hours scrolling through thousands of images. I was always seeing these doodles images and I was like “hey I could paint these onto that pink shirt” and that my friend is what I did.


I also added some random white blobs because why not.

I then went on to paint a chevron pattern onto the pockets but then I messed up. As you can tell I am not great when it comes to the whole upcycling things…. but practise makes perfect. So the paint was still wet when I was ironing over it to set the paint so the paint transferred onto the tea towel and then when I next ironed it I transferred that onto the sleeve. Mistakes happen and that’s okay. Too be fair it’s not hugely noticeable…


So this is not a very original outfit but ima show you anyway. However I feel as though this is a very Tumblr worthy outfit which is fitting seeing as this shirt was inspired by images on there.

Anywayyy. As the weather has warmed up slightly it’s not really coat weather which is great and I can actually wear a vest and a shirt and not be too cold. So I am wearing this cute lil lace top from H&M and then I have a Primark vest on underneath. My black high waisted jeans that are no longer black are also from H&M. Can you tell that I love H&M? Last but not least I am wearing my boots from Graceland with my different coloured laces, I am obsessed with these boots at the moment and I wear them ALL THE FREAKIN TIME. Last but not least is my velvet choker from New Look.


So hopefully my upcycling will improve but I shall continue to show you all my creations in the hope of inspiring you to do a bit of DIY.



Anyone else endlessly scroll through Tumblr getting jealous at all the cute outfits?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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