The Purple Edit

I have come to the conclusion that I have an obsession with purple.

The inspiration for this post came about when New Look were having a sale and I picked up a lilac top, a purple lipstick and a purple lipgloss and I bought all these things on the same day that my pennyboard arrived and guess what? It’s purple. I did a similar post to this back in February (The Blue Clothing Edit) so I thought I would do something similar here but with a different colour as that post was quite popular.

The Blue Edit featured outfits that were literally all blue but I own very little purple clothing so these are just general outfits with a little bit of purple in. These are 3 very different outfits which just shows how much my style varies throughout the week.


The Lilac Mesh Top

First things first is this mesh top I picked up in the New Look sale and I shall be doing a post on it soon so keep your eyes peeled for that. I love the colour of it so much and I decided to go for a slightly 90s outfit with my mom jeans and my baseball boots. I actually really like this outfit and I know that I am going to be wearing this top so much this summer.

Vest – Gap
Top – New Look
Jeans – Charity shop
Shoes – Charity shop (originally Primark)
Choker – New Look


The Purple Lipstick

Next is this purple lipstick that I got in New Look as well for only Β£2 and it’s the best lipstick I have ever purchased. The colour is a gorgeous plum shade and I ate an apple and it didn’t budge! I have paired it with this adorable yellow top I bought recently as I love yellow at the moment (I should do a yellow edit one day…) and I think the purple looks so nice with it. I also am wearing my denim jacket with my insane badge collection that literally grows every week.

Top – Charity shop (originally New Look)
Jacket – George
Skirt – H&M
Tights – Primark
Shoes – Charity shop (originally Primark)
Choker – New Look


The Slightly Off The Shoulder Purple Top

I love this top so much because it’s slightly off the shoulder but not all the way. It’s been quite warm at the moment so it’s better for colder days. This is a very unoriginal outfit Β as high waisted jeans are everywhere but I love them so I will always wear them. I actually got this top from the charity shop and it’s SoulCal which is a good brand so I got a right bargain with this. I also have some purple on my shoe laces because I like to wear odd shoe laces for some reason.

Top – Charity shop (originally SoulCal)
Jeans – H&M
Shoes – New Look
Choker – Topshop


Are you a fan of purple clothing? What purple clothing do you own?


Hope you are having a wonderful day! Sorry this post is late, I’ve been so busy!

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