The Mesh T-Shirt | Trying Something New

I have seen these cute tops everywhere at the moment so I decided to jump on the bandwagon.

This seems to be a new thing on my blog where I try out new things and I love it because any excuse to buy new clothes is a good one.

I wasn’t planning on buying any new clothes but I stupidly went into New Look when they were having a sale which I have figured is something I shouldn’t be allowed to do because I buy unnecessary things. I saw this top and fell in love with both it and the price because it was only £6 reduced from £12.99 which is a right bargain. It’s something I wouldn’t normally wear and I also thought that it would make a good blog post. I also picked up a purple lip gloss which isn’t very good and a purple lipstick which is amazing (as you can tell I love purple at the moment!). I featured this top and the lipstick in my last post.


I don’t exactly know when the mesh top trend started or what era it came from but all of a sudden I was seeing these all over Insta and Twitter and became intrigued. I have no idea who decided it was a good idea to make see through tops but I think that it’s great.

Most of the photos that I see are of people wearing black ones that are skin tight  and they are wearing a cute lil bralette underneath but I really like the one I’ve got because it’s very different from those. If I had a cute lil bralette then I would definitely pair it with this top because I think it looks cute. But it’s so hard to find nice bralettes I think.


Aside from looking cute another great thing about these tops is that they’re great for the summer I think because they’re thin. So you won’t overheat in them (well maybe if you have a black skin tight one) and then you are protected from getting sunburnt which for me is a priority because I literally burn when it’s 18 degrees.

I literally think that you could pair these tops with anything and everything. So skirts, shorts, mom jeans, skinny jeans, any other types of jeans, leggings, even over a dress maybe or underneath a dress. I mean the options here are endless. I think they are nice with mom jeans which is how I have worn this before and you will have seen that if you read my last post HEREEE.

awkward poses :’)

There are also so many variations of this top so I have seen baggy ones, skin tight ones, loads of different coloured ones and I especially love the ones that have embroidery on them! I would love to get one of them!


So for this outfit I decided to pair it with a pair of black shorts and fishnet tights (my new obsession). I actually really like this outfit and I’m thinking it would have looked better without the knee length socks but there was a cold breeze so they were necessary. I was contemplating tucking it in but actually I like it left loose as it’s quite long as it was a larger size than I am. This is a very different outfit and not going to lie, I got quite a lot of stares and weird looks but I really don’t care and that no longer bothers me.

So I have a black vest underneath which is from Gap which is also a bit big for me so I need to purchase to plain black vest and stop wearing my Mum’s. My shorts are from H&M and I quite like how the top covers up most of them, so it’s kinda like a dress but it’s not. I don’t even think any of this makes sense :’) I’m just waffling.


My fishnet tights are from New Look and I did a post about them HEREEE. I love these tights and I wear them SO much and have ripped numerous holes in them but they rip easily and it’s annoying as they were kinda pricey. I then have on some long socks from Primark and my canvas shoes from New Look with my odd laces that probably annoy everyone. I actually love these shoes as well and wear them all the time! And after taking these photos they are full of sand and I am never going to be able to get rid of that sand.

Finally my sunnies are Primark and this outfit would have looked cooler with my vintage ones but I didn’t have them on me. Oh and my choker is Topshop.


So overall this top is cute and goes with everything so I shall be wearing it all throughout this summer!

On the look out for some pizza or chocolate brownies…

I also have to talk about the location of these photos because it’s the nicest beach ever! It’s called Camber Sands in East Sussex/ Kent I don’t know which but if you’re in the area you should go! It’s a beautiful sand beach and the life guard station made me feel like I was in America where everyone has their photos taken on them.


Have you got a mesh top? What is your opinion on them?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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3 thoughts on “The Mesh T-Shirt | Trying Something New

  1. This is the sort of top that I would walk right past in a clothes store, but you’ve made it work really well – I love this outfit! And the knee-length socks are a brilliant touch too 🙂

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