How I Style Oversized Dungarees

Dungarees are great. But you know what is even better? Oversized dungarees.

They are so much more comfortable and they look super cute and vintagey.

As far as I can remember I have not mentioned these or shown them on this blog, but I am probably wrong. Anyway I love them and have been wearing them a lot more recently so I decided to show you guys how I style them.


Dungarees have been a huge trend at the moment but they are usually skinny jean ones which I think look nice but I much prefer these ones as they’re very 90s.

I may have never worn a pair of skinny dungarees but I don’t imagine them to be hugely comfortable as, lets be real here, skinny jeans aren’t the most comfortable item of clothing. You can never really bend down in them and when you sit down you can’t really breathe. That may just be me. On the other hand baggy trousers and dungarees are great because they’re not tight so you can breathe and baggy clothing in general is just so much more comfortable.


So these dungarees are actually my Mums (like most of my clothing) but she gave them to me and I think she secretly wants them back but that won’t happen. (hi Mum if you’re reading this). This means I can’t tell you where they are from as I have no idea. However if you are looking for a pair then your best bet is to look in vintage shops but they may be quite expensive as vintage clothes are. In addition you could always look in charity shops if you are lucky.

For this particular look it was reasonably warm hence the vest top and I was actually at work when I took these. I loved this outfit so much that I had to bring my camera to get some photos. I took these ages ago but forgot about them :’)


I always roll up the legs on these because it looks a lot better and I have paired them with my fake Vans from New Look but they also look great with Dr Martens but it is a bit too warm to wear those now.

I have then put on a cropped vest top from Topshop which I wear to death but I really love it. So that you can actually see that I am wearing a top I have only worn one strap on the dungarees and I love doing this because it’s different and then you can see the top I am wearing. I tried something new on this day by wearing a belt with them which I don’t normally do but they keep coming undone at the sides as they’re too big for me and I have discovered that a belt is the perfect solution to that. Plus  it’s  something a bit different! I love this combination because the belt really stands out as it’s a different colour. However it’s not a great combination when you need to go to the toilet. Just saying.


I added a checked shirt which I picked up in the charity shop for some warmth even though it makes me look slightly like a farmer… embracing my Somerset roots! Anyway for jewellery I have a black choker on from New Look and a couple of H&M necklaces so that my chest didn’t look so bare.

I am obsessed with this make up look which I posted on my Insta ages ago because I look like I’m off to a festival with the space buns and make up but it’s just what I chose to wear to work on this day.

Finally another amazing thing about them is that they  have freakin huge pockets which is great for your phone, keys and maybe even food.


I always pair these dungarees with a cute crop top and then and then a shirt over the top for the ultimate 90s vibe.


Are you a fan of dungarees? Have you ever worn oversized ones before?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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