Statement Trousers

High waisted skinny jeans are so last year and now it’s all about the funky, patterned, statement trousers.

And these are my super funky, statement trousers!


I picked them up at a vintage fair awhile ago (you can read that post hereeee!) and I have only worn them a couple of times since but I have recently fell in love with them so I shall hopefully be wearing them a lot more.

I normally wear plain coloured trousers, usually black, so when I bought these I was really struggling to figure out what I could wear with them and I am now still thinking of things. I am mainly just sticking with a plain black top but I might be more adventurous and wear a graphic tee or something.

This outfit is kinda simple and a bit boring because it’s all about the funky trousers!

Oooo you may notice my hair is a slightly different colour and that it because I attempted to dye it blue but it failed. Also excuse the fact that these trousers make my legs look fat, I know.

I wore this outfit to my work as I work at a vintage gift shop so these trousers definitely fit in with that vibe,

It was SO hot on this day and I was definitely regretting wearing a black knitted top which is from Topshop. My shoes are just plain burgundy and are from SoulCal. Like with the top I had no idea what shoes to wear with these because what colours actually go with orange and black? I seriously need help :’) I have a pineapple necklace on from H&M and I finally have my vintage sunnies on as well.

Anyway I just went for these shoes as they are the only plain coloured shoes that I have and I think the colours work so I rolled with it. Speaking of rolling (so seamless) I also have my new pennyboard which is so freakin cute. I’m not great, gonna be honest, but practise makes perfect and I haven’t fallen off yet so I see that as an achievement.



I would not call myself an expert in the statement trousers category as I have only worn these a couple of times but I endlessly scroll through Instagram more than I care to admit so have seen plenty of people rocking them and have picked up on a few things.

Definitely pair them with a plain top or a shirt because you don’t want to go too overload on the patterns!

Go for a smart casual look with a blazer.

If you’re feeling fancy then a pair of stilettos.

If not then I would opt for  a pair of plain coloured baseball boots.

For a super cute insta photo, sunglasses are a necessity.


These are just personal opinion tips but it’s kind hard to narrow it down because there are so many different styles and colours and patterns of statement trousers as you guys will most likely know if you are frequently in clothing shops. Like myself.


Do you own any funky trousers? I would love to know how you would style these?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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