May Favourites and Recap!

May went by even faster than April did which is terrifying!

I wish the days would stop going by so fast because I feel like I’m wasting the days at the moment.

May has been alright I guess, I’m very glad it has started to warm up! It has kinda been one of those months where I have zero motivation to do anything for some reason. I hardly go running anymore which I am annoyed at myself for, I can’t be bothered to do any revision or coursework despite mocks and deadlines coming up very fast and I am moving next week and I haven’t packed. So I am very determined to get back to being super productive this June.

I have done nothing this month aside eat, sleep, go to college and go to work which is  very fun life. Note the sarcasm.

On the other hand I have been quite happy with all my blog content this month and I hit 400 followers which is freakin amazing! I don’t blog for the numbers so it doesn’t bother me in the slightest that all my views and likes and comments have gone down.

Oooo another exciting thing that happened this month: if you remember last months favourites featured Skin by Rag N Bone Man as that is one of my favourites songs at the moment…. WELL GUESS WHO MET HIM THE OTHER WEEK? Dats right. I did. (insert sassy lady emoji). Basically I waitress at weddings and he was an evening guest and I didn’t get a picture with him as I felt like I would have been invading a bit as he was a guest but I did give him cheese on toast so that it my new claim to fame! If you don’t believe me then that’s cool but I did meet him 🙂


Moving on to the random things that I have been loving this month:


1. Red Hot Chili Peppers

For this I blame my Mum. When we are in the car we will put on their greatest hits and I remembering hearing a lot of them when I was younger so I have been listening to them on Spotify on repeat. I don’t even know what I like about their music, I just really like it! My favourite is probably Can’t Stop but I like all their greatest hits.



2.  Twilight

Probably gonna get judged for this but I actually love the Twilight book! I saw the film years and years ago and I don’t think I liked it but I felt like this was a book that I had to read at least once in my lifetime and I loved it. I was so sucked into the story that I spent hours reading it at work because it was so good. I now am on a hunt in all my local charity shops to find the next one in the series and I am planning on watching the film again soon and seeing if I like it better now I’ve read it and am a bit older.



3. Pennyboarding

So about a month ago I decided to buy a pennyboard because why the hell not?! I haven’t gone out on it much as I probably look like an idiot but I am growing to love it now that  feel more confident on it. I pick up things really quickly and am yet to fall off it. I especially love the colours of it, look how cute it is!



4. Drawing

This is random but I have rediscovered my love for drawing! I used to draw and paint all the time when I actually had time (how I miss those days) but I hadn’t picked up a pencil in such a long time. Now I am starting to make time for things like this as I find it so relaxing and the perfect way to destress, I like this drawing I did the other week.



5. Funky Ass Trousers

This is my new name for these stripy trousers. I recently wrote a post on them because I just really like them as they are so different from any other pair of trousers that I own. You can read that post HERE if you want to know more about them.



6. Moana

I only watched this last night but I am obsessed. As a huge Disney fan I must admit that it has taken me a long time to actually watch this but I  had some time yesterday so I did. I love the storyline of it as it’s very different and it’s also so funny. I love the song How Far I’ll Go and I have been singing it for weeks before actually watching the film which I know is very bizarre.


All my posts this month:



What have you been loving this month?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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