Embrace Your Flaws

Everyone has flaws. Some people choose to accept and embrace them where as others choose to hate them.

This post is kinda inspired by a Twitter chat with #thegirlgang that I took part in on Monday I think and I just found it so inspiring to read tweets from all these people who are body confident and even those who aren’t but are trying to be. I also wore this outfit the other day to work and I felt like it linked in very well with the chat.

Confidence and fashion really go hand in hand. People wear things that they feel confident in and sometimes if you put on something that shows a flaw or something then you don’t feel that same confidence. Okay so this may just be me.

Everyone has parts of their body that they may not like and feel self conscious about, we’re only human. Some people choose to love these things but there was probably one point in their lives where they didn’t like these parts but over time they have learnt to love them. I can relate to this. On the other hand there are people who chose to try and change these flaws/things they don’t like by going to the gym, going on diets or even cosmetic surgery. These things are all fine, if that’s what you want to do then you can go and do it if it makes you happy. I personally wouldn’t do this because it’s my body, I wouldn’t want to change it.

In today’s society body confidence is such a humongous topic. I would personally define it as pointing out all of the positives when you look in the mirror instead of picking out all negatives. No one becomes confident overnight. It takes time to become happy with your body which is what I saw in the Twitter chat.

Like with me when I was at secondary school I hated my body because secondary school girls are incredibly bitchy and judgemental and made me feel like crap. Now I am at college where everyone is lot more mature, I don’t feel that way and I wear whatever the hell I want to wear without caring because I feel happy and confident in it. However there is obviously days where I do go back to hating it but everyone has those days, lets be real here.

Instead of hating my flaws, I have chosen to embrace them.

So with this outfit I have chosen to where these shorts despite not having a thigh gap because you always see pictures online with people in shorts and they have stick legs and then mine look like tree trunks. I actually get a lot of looks when I wear shorts but I just strut on past because I don’t care where as before I probably would have gotten changed into jeans.


I think that you should learn to love what you have and others don’t. So you may have birthmark or something that you don’t like but just think, that is what makes you unique because no one else will have it. I am all about uniqueness on this blog.

Just to clarify I am in no way saying that you have to be completely body confidence, this is just my opinion on this topic. I am saying that you should do what makes you happy. So if that’s going to gym all the time so that you become more toned then go for it. If it’s not caring about what your body looks like then go for it. If it’s wearing something that shows off a flaw then go for it. I think you get the idea. Nobody is perfect, no one is 100% confident about themselves. But the higher the percentage the better I guess.

In my opinion if you love yourself then it’s one less thing to worry about and you can go out and enjoy life more.

I don’t believe in bikini bodies, or summer bodies. Put on a bikini and there’s your bikini body. So I am going to wear my non-existent bikini (I need to get one) and show off my thighs and my not flat stomach and I am not going to care what you think of me.

You should (you don’t have to) wake up in the morning, look in the mirror and be like “DAMN GURL, YOU LOOKIN FINE” and strut out the door. And that, my friend, is being body confident in a nutshell.

I don’t get people who pick away at people’s flaws on social media instead of complimenting them. Does it make you feel good about yourself, being so hateful? I don’t think it does. So I encourage you to go and leave nice comments about people’s outfits and bodies to show them how much they slayyyyy.


Hope you enjoyed this rant and I would like to know if you’re someone who struggles with body confidence and how you are tackling it?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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10 thoughts on “Embrace Your Flaws

  1. This is amazing! You go girl!! I think everyone struggles with body confident to some extent. I truly believe that all of our flaws and quirks that make us so different are what also makes us beautiful! Keep spreading the self-love. I love it 🙂

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  2. I personally have always loved my body…well haha when I was younger I was chubby everyone goes through it in my opinion…though with height i slimmed down and now i also play a sport so growing in tummy fat nearly equals impossible plus boobs…(have little sadly) something im confident in until someone mentions themselves having big boobs:/ lol im ranting but i have good days a lottt but i also have bad too, in the end i’m glad to have such a great mother who no matter my size always uplifted me. And i always remember that no matter the day im having, okay so bad hair days equals how i see my appearance…i mean idk why i work tht way, but In the back of my mind is you’re beautiful no matter what and I’m in love with that very train of thought, The point is I love myself and have thankfully have never not and if there ws any doubt, my mom erased those tough days. I can now embrace the fact that yea, sometimes I walk out the house looking the simple lack in trying but,I also know that with or without trying I’m a beautiful girl either way. Lol I hope my thoughts don’t contradict but, that’s how i feel:))

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  3. I had to quickly click on the link as soon as I saw it. I have been dealing with the whole body image thing since I put to bed, with my not flat tummy getting in the way of my fashion exploration. I have come to a point where I decided to accept my body and love me the way I am. I think people will accept you more for being confident in yourself instead always feeling insecure or inferior.
    So I really appreciate this post because it really connects with me.
    Thanks for sharing.

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