What Feminism Means To Me

In the last few years I feel as though feminism has become a more talked about topic due to the rise of social media as well as politics.

I also feel that because it is so much more talked about that we have started to forget about the true meaning of it because in some ways it has become a trend. More people are saying they are feminists because loads of celebrities say they are but I think that people don’t actually know the true meaning of it.

I am in no way saying that I am an expert on feminism as it’s only something I really discovered last year when I read loads of articles about it. It’s something that I am quite passionate about to extent that I am focusing a whole photography project on feminism so I just wanted to write this post to share what being a feminist means to me.

feminism definition

Feminism is defined as equality of the sexes. Equal rights for both men and women. Not more rights for women. EQUAL rights. A common misconception is that feminists want more rights for women and for them to be superior to men. HAHAHA NO. Get your facts right because we want to be treated equally and with the same respect as men.

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but I don’t understand why you wouldn’t want equal rights and I don’t understand why women are treated with less respect than men. Just because I have boobs and a vagina why should I be treated differently to a man? We’re both human.
So on social media if a celeb is wearing a sheer top where you can see her nipple, it’s covered up with a black box and a whole freaking article is written about it because for some reason women shouldn’t show their nipples. Oh but guys can walk around topless and it’s not a big deal. What the hell? They’re nipples, guys and girls nipples are basically the same but a guy can show his and  girl can’t. Cause that makes perfect sense. I am all about #freethenipple!

Feminists aren’t all girls in tight dresses and high heels. They can be anyone of any gender and PREACH to any guy who stands up for equal rights because you go guuuyyy! Because it has the word “feminine” in it people think that it’s all about women. Errr no. It’s about men as well. I don’t know of any but I am sure that there are places that treat men with less respect than women.

Growing up I had a lot of male influence so I never considered myself a girly girl and still don’t which funnily enough surprises people. Anywayyy, I have had times in the past where people have made jokes that I should belong in the kitchen should not  be lifting heavy things. Basically I was a Scout which required heavy things to be lifted, like tents, but a lot of the time I was never allowed to do it because I was a girl. I may have noodle arms but I am quite strong and would have been fine carrying those. I just hate that people assume because I am a girl I can’t carry heavy things. I am in the process of moving house and me and my Mum have carried SO many heavy boxes and pieces of furniture down two flights of stairs with no help from any guys. Sooo everyone who has said that to me can just go away.


Another thing I want to talk about is body hair because there’s that stereotype that women should always shave their body and men normally don’t. I mean it’s just body hair, I don’t see what’s wrong with it. People find it weird when women don’t shave their armpits and legs and I’m just like, hold on ain’t nobody got time to shave everyday. Yet men have loads of body hair and that’s normal and when they shave their legs sometimes people find it weird. WE’RE BOTH HUMAN, WHY CAN’T WE DO THINGS THE SAME? As you can tell this is something I get a wee bit angry about. I’m proud to be a women, I’m not ashamed of having leg hair or armpit hair.

A lot of gender inequality is based on stereotypes in my opinion. There’s that stereotype that women belong in the kitchen. I am a women and honestly I can’t cook a pizza without burning it (I’m actually not joking)!

There’s also the stereotype that women wear high heels and dresses which I have briefly touched on. I personally feel that clothes should have no gender (I’m gonna write a whole post on this one day). Just because a shoe has a heel on it I don’t see why a man can’t wear it. This isn’t such a big problem anymore as I see so many men in dresses and in clothes that you may class as being feminine and I’m like YAAASSS to all those guys. If you look in my wardrobe it is made up of like 60% mens clothes but you wouldn’t guess it. What specifically makes a shirt a mens? It’s literally looks the same as a women’s shirt (okay the fit is a bit different but whatever).

As a lover of fashion there is also that stereotype that people in the fashion industry are all women. Okay so a lot of them are but there has been and are some amazingly talented guy designers, look at Alexander McQueen and Vivienne Westwood wouldn’t have created some of her best work if it wasn’t for Malcom McClaren.

Okay so I may have gone slightly off the topic of feminism and have gone more onto stereotypes but in order to get gender equality we need to move on past all the stereotypes that divide women and men. Just because you are women you should never feel like you can’t do something because of a man. You can do whatever the hell you want to do and be whatever you want to be. I really hope to live in a society one day where men and women are equal. Where we are treated with the same respect. Where we are payed the same. Where neither gender is treated like objects.

Sorry for long rant but I had a lot to say and I would really love to know your guys opinion on the slightly controversial topic of feminism.


Do you class yourself as a feminist?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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6 thoughts on “What Feminism Means To Me

  1. Yes! Feminism all the way! I believe in equal rights for everyone. Man, woman, white, black, asian, christian, muslim, EVERYONE! No one deserves assumptions made about them, based on the behaviour of another person in that “group”. Very inspirational post! x

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