Metallic Platform Shoes

Platform shoes have been around since the 70s and you can thank Vivienne Westwood for that.

They’re great because they don’t just look good but they make you appear taller which is very beneficial if you are like me and are not the tallest flower in the field.


I literally feel in love with these as soon as I saw them in Shuch (I still have no idea how to pronounce it). Metallic items of clothing are a big trend right now I decided to join in. These were Β£30 but I got a student discount so they were Β£27 which is a right bargain.

However I am yet top wear them in which means they really really hurt my feet when I put them on so heel grips are a necessity if you are planning on getting a pair of shoes like this. They’re also a bit hard to walk in because of the huge sole so you can’t really bend you’re feet that well. So aside all of this I love these shoes.

I went for a basic outfit today because it’s freakin 30-32 degrees here and I can’t cope. It’s too hot. I hate summer.

These shoes would look great with some fishnets if you want to go for the 90s grunge kinda vibe. Instead I went for my dinosaur socks. Don’t judge guys, I think they look cool.

Aside from the beauty that is the metallic on it, I love how the soles aren’t too high because you don’t want to look ridiculous, lets be real here.


Top – Topshop // Skirt – H&M // Socks – Topshop // Shoes – Shuch //Ear cuff – New Look // Choker – New Look // Sunnies – vintageΒ 



Also to add to all the metallic is my super cute vintage sunnies which I bought in Brighton.

If you couldn’t tell I am loving this metallic trend at the moment to expect to see lots more of it on this blog!


I am so sorry for not uploading but I don’t have internet at my new home and I don’t know when I am getting it 😦 I have so much planned but I can’t upload it 😦 Hopefully it won’t be too long before I get it!

Also shoutout to my mums amazing photography skills!


Are you a fan of the metallic trend?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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