Adventures In London

I am back with some more exciting adventures and this time I am back in London!

The purpose of this trip was to go to a university open day as it is that time where I need to start planning what I am doing with my life. You probably haven’t heard of Ravensbourne but it’s a media and design uni based next to the O2. I’m not going to ramble about it but basically if you want to do art/fashion/media things then I would highly recommend that you look here!

If you follow me on Instagram (@indiarden) and you watched my insta stories then you would have seen what I got up to but I wanted to also write a post as I never post any of my photography anymore and it was a fun day.

I have been to London a lot. But I have never really explored it by myself so without sounding too cheesy, this was quite a big deal for me. I get quite anxious about unfamiliar situations so I can deal with trains as I am always on one but going on the underground on my own is a whole other world and I was kinda freaking out about it. But I did it and managed to navigate it all by myself and not gonna lie I was kinda proud of myself. I did something that was out of my comfort zone and I didn’t get lost!

Because of everything that has been going on in London and Manchester and the whole of the UK at the moment it kinda puts you off going to these places but we can’t give in to this fear. We need to carry on living ourselves and not let them win.

I am quite into architecture at the moment so that it mostly what I photographed.

These aren’t my best photos but here is how my day went:


This is Ravensbourne University and I would go here purely based on that fact it was the funkiest building ever…


these buildings are so beautiful…


It is literally next to the O2 and North Greenwich tube station. After going to the open day I sat in Costa with a iced coffee which has become my new obsession, oh god help me … :’)


This was accidental but I think it’s pretty good soooo……


The Globe…


It looks like horrible weather but it was actually quite warm…


I headed back to central(ish) London and decided to go to the Tate and educate myself in the world of art…


but not before sitting and admiring the sites in London before it rained…


and this guy was pretty cool…


ta daaaaaaa, welcome to the Tate…


dis my shoes…. yes I wear socks under my fishnets, it’s a great idea…


feminismmmmmm and artttttt combined…


this photo shows that bubbles make everyone smile…


despite it being super blurry I actually quite like this photo…


and now to head home.


Top – H&M // Jacket – George // Skirt – H&M // Tights – New Look // Shoes – New Look // Bag – Paperchase


And that was my day!

I like doing these posts so if I go anywhere else exciting then I shall do Β a post like this.


What exciting adventures have you been on recently? Have you been to London recently?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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4 thoughts on “Adventures In London

  1. Love your photos! I am also going to start a design school which I am super excited about πŸ˜‰ I have been to London twice and the last time was in fall of last year and I just loved it!

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