Fishnet Socks | Trying Something New

I very curious to know who decided to make fishnet socks because they’re kinda weird but I like them!

I am being serious when I say that I should not be allowed to go into New Look when there is a sale on because I end up buying things that I really really do not need. One of them being 2 pairs of fishnet socks. I also got some glitter and a fake plant but that’s irrelevant.

I got these socks for £1.50 each reduced from £3. I would not pay £3 for a pair of socks which is why I thought I would buy them when they were on sale.

I love my fishnet tights and I wear them all the time so I thought that I would try something new.


I have paired my white pair with my Metallic Platform Shoes that I love so much and wrote a post on them. This combination looks very 90s in my opinion and kinda grunge which I quite like.

The only thing I really have to say about these socks is that they are more for decoration purposes and are not in any way fully functioning socks. To be fair I don’t even know what the purpose of socks are, does anyone else know?

I literally just googled “what is the purpose of socks?” and apparently it’s to stop your feet smelling as they absorb the sweat. Fun fact of the day.

Anywayyyyyy these don’t do that so when I have worn these I have put on a pair of socks underneath because otherwise my feet would rub so much. I feel that’s a good thing to know before purchasing these that they are more for decoration.


I also got a lilac pair because why not? I tried something different by pairing them with my wedges which I never wear and I think they look quite cute. You may think differently. I thought this would look cute with a little black dress, picture it. So if there is ever an occasion where I need to wear a lbd and heels then these socks will also be worn.

Aside from looking cute I love how these socks have something at the end of them so your toes don’t stick through. I don’t know what to call it. But that’s a huge problem that I get with my tights because the holes are big so my toes stick through and then it’s uncomfortable. But with these wonderful idea I don’t have that problem!

I am yet to rip a hole in them so I don’t how long it will be before that happens. I am predicting like a week :’)


So if you want to look 90s grunge and already love fishnet tights then I would recommend you get these.


Do you own fishnet socks? What is your opinion on them, yay or nay?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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