Be Bold. Be You.

The funkiest of funky trousers make a return. Dun dun dunnnnnnnnnnnn..

My love for these trousers is real. I feel like other people either love em or hate em because they’re very bold.

I picked these beauties up at a vintage fair and I have mentioned them before on this blog and I won’t stop mentioning them until I purchase a pair that are just as funky.

I wore these to work the other day and to get to and from my work I have quite a work and part of it is along the prom in Bexhill. I pennyboard this part because 1. I’m just that cool and 2. it’s a lot faster than walking. All I can say is I get a lot of stares. Like a lot. It’s normally quite busy when I leave so people just stare as I cruise on by. This doesn’t me in the slightest anymore.

I bet a lot of people dress how they do to please other people and because that’s what other people are wearing. I am guilty of doing this sometimes. However I have days where I want to wear crazy things like this because that’s just me and it’s something I feel comfortable. I feel happy wearing these and I some days I don’t feel happy in high waisted skinny jeans but I wear them anyway.

You should wear what you want to wear and not what other people want/expect you to wear


omg I look so posy :’)


Top – Topshop // Choker – New Look // Trousers – vintage // Shoes – Soulcal


I encourage you all you wear that outfit that you want to wear no matter how bold it is!


Have you ever worn an outfit because everyone else has worn it or because you think people expect you to wear it?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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4 thoughts on “Be Bold. Be You.

  1. You look amazing !! If ever I’m looking / staring at someone’s outfit, it’s because I love it and not because I’m judging them for it at all. So I always like to think the same applies the other way round!

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