Things To Add To Your Summer Bucketlist

I am the sort of person who makes lots of lists. I plan everything and colour code it and make it look pretty but the chances of me actually sticking to those plans are slim.

Trust me I know I’m not the only one who does these. If you’re the same as me can I get a HELL YEAH!

Anyway every summer I make a list of 50 things that I want to do and this summer I have in total about 11 weeks even though time is going so fast that it will be over very quickly. If I don’t have a plan then i don’t know what to do with my life. Not even joking. I just sit there pondering but if I have a list then there is nothing more satisfying than getting things done and crossing them off the list.

Even though I’m on my summer holiday I am working 2-3 days a week and I have SO much coursework to do  that I don’t have huge amounts of free time which sucks. But because of this list I can find things to fill that free time with.

I wanted to share with you some ideas of what is on my list to encourage you to make your own!

1. Hang out with friends more

I consider myself an introvert so I don’t spend much time with my friends but this is something I would like to change. I have some fun days planned with them like going to Brighton Pride, a roller disco and other little things. I want this to be a fun summer and take lots of photos so I can  remember all these good times.


2. Learn something new

This can be tailored to the individual but I really want to learn about ethical fashion and maybe start writing about it on this blog because I love reading other peoples post and I think that its a good thing to get into.

So if you know anything about it or can recommend me a book then I would be so grateful.


3. Set yourself a challenge

I have a few challenges on my list and one of them is to read 15 books! Now that  might sound like a lot but I have already read 2 so I’m on my way. I love reading so much and I have so many books that I haven’t read that I thought why not give myself a challenge. I am currently reading the Twilight saga for those who are interested and holy guacamole it is the best  series I have ever read! Hence why I am reading it so fast!


4. Try something new

I think it’s very important to try new things and take that step outside of your comfort zone. As I have already been on my holiday for like 3 weeks, this was the first one that I completed. I painted my bedroom which is something I have never done before and I used a roller which I have never used before. Another thing is that I am being trained to work behind a bar which is something I have never done before as well.


5. Go somewhere new

I definitely have a hint of wanderlust in me as I love going places but I always go to the same places which are London and Brighton… I don’t currently have any plans to go anywhere new but we’ll see.

Maybe you could get on the first train and see where it takes youuuuu


6. Do something you have always wanted to do

Now is the perfect time to do that one thing you have been longing to do. I have afew things on my list that I want to do such as make a smoothie and learn some more things on the guitar. I don’t really have anything huge that I want to do but I’m sure lots of you do.



This is the last and most important one because you want to remember this summer so go out and enjoy yourself.

Don’t do what I did last summer and spend like a week on the sofa in your pyjamas watching Friends whilst eating too much chocolate brownie… Not even joking,  I actually did this…



Anywayyyyy I would love to know what is on your summer bucketlist?


Hope you are having a wonderful day!

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7 thoughts on “Things To Add To Your Summer Bucketlist

  1. For number 5, something I once did was to go to a train station, look at the departures board and pick a destination that seemed interesting or had a funny name, then go buy your ticket and hop on the train! Even more of an adventure then! 🙂

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  2. Cool list! I read all of the Twilight saga books like three years ago and I loved it as well! The films are nothing in comparison to the books and it makes me sad that the films made so many people hate the Twilight saga 😦

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